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What was the turning point of the season for the O's?


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Games 2-4 of the Twins series are what everyone will remember about this season (just like everyone remembers the Arizona series in 2013).

But this team never had much magic. Another poster pointed out in another thread that the O's are last or close to last in MLB in OPS in late and close situations, which is why their one-run record is so poor despite having an outstanding back end of the bullpen.

The O's were first in the same stat last year, so I don't think this is a repeatable skill or deficiency. Next year they will probably revert to the pack and their one-run record will revert as well. But it's definitely a primary reason why they have underperformed their Pythagorean record this season.

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For me it's pretty clearly the Minnesota series. The last 3 games were gut-wrenching.
The Minnesota series ended everything. Losing 4 at home to that team (and all 7 overall) was like getting kicked 4 straight times in the marbles....by somebody half your size. I get that they have some good players, but they have lost at least 2 games to EVERY other team in the majors they have played and are actually under .500 against the rest of league.

Starting with that series, the Os have lost 5 straight series and one more Yankee loss this week makes it 6. That is very Dave Trembley-esque.

Add another one for this. Considering the upcoming schedule, the Orioles blew that series big time.

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I don't think we had a turning point. We are what we are this year and may have been over achieving for part of it.

With undisciplined hitters and erratic SP...we were destined to finish as we are now doing. It just took until August for this to coalesce in to a string of hear reaching defeats.

There has to be a major change in attitude for next year, as well as some new players and coaches.

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I think the Garden Gnome may have been the turning point. Someone please look up our stats pre and post Garden Gnome.

You are correct. We were tied for first the day of the Garden Gnome giveaway and stayed there for four more days, but it's been downhill ever since.

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    • Aram loves the pitch metrics on Povich and McDermott. Was effusive in his spring podcast going through Os top prospects. 
    • Let’s also give the org credit for the O’Hearn pickup.  He was part of last night’s lineup.  For that matter, they picked up Mateo too.  
    • Thank you.  Not sure how easy for someone who may have been doing it for years and someone who’s been talented enough to make it work.   Someone posted a video of Freddie Freeman and Holliday to show similarities but, to me, it just showed how different their lead foot was.  Freeman’s was closed and perfectly in line and parallel to his back foot.  Hollidays foot pointed out and the foot towards 2B position.  I questioned it.  Other guys, who admittedly know more, said it was no problem.  Again, he might be able to become a HOF with those mechanics.  I’ve just never seen a good ML hitter hit that way. From that early January thread “I guess it depends on your definition of “step in the bucket”.  His stride foot definitely doesn’t go straight.  Pretty easy to see where his foot is in relation to the batters box and how much further away it is when it lands.  It doesn’t seem to affect him negatively though.  Interestingly enough, Freeman’s stride foot goes perfectly straight.” Edited January 6 by RZNJ
    • He allowed only one batted ball over 95 MPH, commanding his cutter particularly well in this one. I think the cutter is the most critical pitch for Povich to take the next step. He’s never had issues getting punch outs, he needs to be able to pitch in the zone without relying too much on his fastball. It’s also a key weapon against RHP - if you don’t have a true plus breaking ball or fastball that can overcome the platoon splits (which I don’t think Povich does), you can only make it as a LHP SP through the strength of your cutter and changeup, which are more reverse/neutral splits.  His changeup is probably not good enough to carry him on its own, so it’s the cutter that brings the whole pitch mix together.  
    • Agree he steps in the bucket. In theory should be a relatively easy fix. 
    • His back or shoulder might give out first. Hardly any talented pitcher retires without some sort of serious injury recorded.
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