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Globe: Free Agents And Management trending up and down


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Our panel would like to limit Davis to five years, but one scout said, "In the heat of the negotiations and fearing someone else will get him, this will likely get beyond what everybody wants. Scott Boras is the agent, so we may be looking at seven years." - The number nobody likes: 208 strikeouts. But they?ll take the 40-plus homers and 100 RBIs.
Rich Hill, LHP, free agent - At least two teams have their top advisers and scouts breaking down Hill?s last four starts with the Red Sox in an effort to see if they should believe their eyes. Hill went 2-1 overall with a 1.55 ERA. He struck out 10 batters in each of his first three starts, against Tampa Bay, Toronto, and Baltimore, then lost to the Yankees in an outing in which he lasted six innings, allowing two runs and striking out six. "Everyone needs a low-cost lefty starter," said one AL scout who watched Hill three times live and has spent a lot of time watching video. "I saw a confident guy on the mound who felt like he could get anyone out he faced. He?s going to get some offers."
Matt Wieters, C, free agent - The Braves, Dodgers, Rays, Astros, and Mariners could bid for Wieters, who is a season removed from Tommy John surgery.
Justin Upton, OF - When you mention his name, you get indifferent responses. ?He?s a productive righthanded bat," said an AL GM, ?but you have to ask, do you devote a major contract to a guy who doesn?t move the needle enough?? Upton, said most of our panel, should be better, given his athleticism. "There's something missing," said the GM.
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Jason Heyward, RF — Of the eight, five thought he’d be a very good free agent for a lot of teams, based on his age (27), production, and defense. Those against him cite a supposed lack of production. “You’re not getting a 30/100 player. You’re getting an 18/80 guy. That’s fine,” said an AL GM. “You’re getting great defense, but the offense is above average, not great.


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Reimold career rWAR 2.6

Heyward has one season under 3.7 rWAR.

It is as if you are comparing Bud Norris to David Price.

Hey, they both pitch, amirite?

I was more talking from a "feel" Prospective. Using my eyes rather than those darned statistics.

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