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Orioles Opening Day Payroll 2017


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As I did last year, for those who want to play GM, I am presenting the current opening day team payroll. I'm dealing only with the "active" roster; but the O's will have pay obligations for players on the 40 man roster.

In 2016, few posters anticipated the significant increase that Dan Duquette engineered. This year’s opening day payroll exceeded that of last year by 12.1%, about $18M.

And, please, let's dispense with the squabbling over the "accounting" for salary deferrals.

All of the latest transactions are included. Salaries are displayed as rounded to the nearest $10k, but the total is accurate to 2 decimal places. Projections for those under contract are from the Cots Baseball Prospectus Compensation Website. The MLB minimum salary is $535,000 in 2017.

I provide this information so that we can make accurate and useful comparisons to the opening day payrolls of the Orioles in previous years, other MLB teams and the totals for Major League Baseball. As with virtually all team opening day payroll tabulations on the web, my total payroll figure does not reflect any deductions for deferred salaries or additions for set-asides for deferrals from previous years (as required by Article XVI of the CBA). However, I have noted the 2017 contract deferrals in the right-most column of the below chart.

The roster, as shown here, lists the opening day active roster plus players on the disabled list.  Craig Gentry's salary is estimated.


          ($ Million)       ($ Million)
Welington Castillo          C $6.00  
Caleb Joseph C $0.70  
Chris Davis 1B $23.00 $6.00
Jonathan Schoop 2B $3.48  
J.J. Hardy SS $14.00 $2.17
Manny Machado 3B $11.50  
Adam Jones OF $16.33  
Hyun Soo Kim OF $4.20  
Seth Smith OF $7.00  
*Joey Rickard OF $0.54  
Craig Gentry OF $0.85  
*Ant'y Santander (DL) OF $0.54  
Mark Trumbo DH/OF $11.50 $1.50
*Trey Mancini DH/1B/OF $0.54  
Ryan Flaherty UT $1.80  
Chris Tillman (DL) SP $10.05  
Kevin Gausman SP $3.45  
*Dylan Bundy SP $1.64  
Wade Miley (DL) SP $8.75 $2.25
Ubaldo Jimenez SP $13.50  
Zach Britton RP $11.40  
Brad Brach RP $3.05  
Darren O'Day RP $7.00 $1.00
*Mychal Givens RP $0.55  
*Donnie Hart RP $0.54  
*Oliver Drake RP $0.54  
*Tyler Wilson RP $0.55  
Vidal Nuño RP $1.13  
T.J.McFarland   $0.11  
To Seattle w/Gallardo   $2.00  
Logan Ondrusek   $0.11  
Total   $166.32 $12.92
* Pre-Arbitration      
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    • I'm a big fan of Joey Ortiz but I do not think that he (and especially not Norby) factor as much into how they handle Holliday as I would like. In regards to the ROY/extra pick scenario - Position Player accolades are almost exclusively based on offensive production. I love me some Joey Ortiz (not in that way but not there's anything wrong with that) but I don't think that anyone in baseball is torn over who is going to be the more premier offensive player between Ortiz and Holliday. Holliday is never going to be the fielder that Joey is already but with Gunnar's emergence at SS this year, both of Holliday and Ortiz at SS (defensively) are less of a priority. Going forward it's going to be a matter of who are the best 13 players. In my opinion, Holliday is already one of their best 13 with the bat. The defensive stuff becomes far less of a concern with him at 2B and if the kid goes .310/.380/.450 for an .830 OPS and steals 25 - 30 bases with 12 - 15 homers.. he's going to pace the league for ROY.  2B puts him in the lineup (picture an eventual top of the order in Holliday, Adley, Gunnar... that's absurdly good) from Day 1 in 2024 and it improves their team. Essentially they would be replacing Frazier with Holliday. It doesn't make ANY sense for them to delay a promotion to Baltimore for Holliday unless they hold him down in Norfolk until September and I promise you, his hitting will make that impossible for them to do. He is the best bat-to-ball guy in their system, which includes the big club. I think he could potentially win ROY even if they wait a month to promote him but they won't do that because they learned their lesson with Adley last year. If a guy is going to challenge (or be a favorite to win ROY) you aren't going to hold him down because of the pick. And they're not going to hold Holliday down for Ortiz or Norby... as much as I like Ortiz as a prospect and player, it's just not going to happen. 
    • He's actually employing Elias to enact the strategy I told you I thought he was. And I don't even think it's a bad idea. Tank... stock the farm... Get the high production years... Trade them in ARB.. Restock the farm... Repeat. Repeat... preferably without the tanking. His problem is he seems a little too dull witted and/or narcissistic to shut up and go about his business.  
    • I don't think there's any upside to Holliday going to the AFL. It's not like the Orioles need to see more of him to know what they've got, or to showcase him for possible trades. If he's great them okay that's what we expected. If he struggles then maybe he (or the team) starts to doubt his status as the #1 prospect. He might even get hurt and delay his promotion to the big league club.  Let him rest. Let him decompress. He'll have enough baseball in his life over the next fifteen years.
    • At this point, he's the male equivalent of the owner in the first Major League movie.
    • By the way, Catch Probability does take direction into account, and estimates that the folder loses 1 ft./sec when going back on a ball.   https://www.mlb.com/news/catch-probability-updated-to-include-direction-c232532408 Answering a question I’ve had for a while, they also now adjust for catches made at or near the wall.  https://www.mlb.com/news/catch-probability-updated-to-account-for-walls-c269814542
    • Yes like the strong opinions about Frazier have not been shared previously lol.  Urias won the Gold Glove last year ..likely not be winning it this year. And he has made more errors than one this season but none in such a critical moment.  Not to worry, 2023 will soon enough pass and Adam won’t be the issue in 2024 I suspect. 
    • Yup...part of the "negotiations" with the Stadium Authority (or whatever entity is involved) in beefing up the Camden Yards area and letting Angelos profit from it.
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