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7/1 - O's vs. Red Sox, The Rubber Match

The Rick

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I don't think they have the same good moderating we do, so people go off without consequences.

SOSH used to be filled with creative posts (strange & funny images, weird nicknames for every Sox and Yankee, long cryptic intros. to each thread hours before the actual game). I don't know how it got so crappy over there. One cd speculate that even Sux fans--the good old ones--just got sick of the new breed and abandoned ship. :scratchchinhmm:

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That is some foul, unintelligent commentary over there. I thought that used to be a good site?

I like it. It's a very different atmosphere than here. There's some stupidity, especially in the game thread, but where isn't there? There's good content, and that is the only thing that matters to me, which is why I like it here, too.

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