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Manny Machado is the #1 prospect


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Interesting, that would seem to be a place where hay can be made then. How hard would it be to create a centralized secure database where such information could be stored, analyzed and accessed?

I remember AM talking about doing some sort of database work earlier this year, I wonder if it was something like this.

I know of two clubs that do this -- one across the entire scouting department (including international) and one just across the MiL scouting reports.

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I know that the MiL managers file daily reports, but if I were running a MiL organization, those reports would be just a starting point. I would want a daily video digest of every AB by the important prospects, and every pitch thrown by the important pitchers. Even if I didn't have a chance to watch it every day, I would want someone I trusted--probably a MiL coordinator--to review that every day.

Part of it would be simple curiosity; if I were banking on Manny Machado as a future cornerstone of my club, I would want to see for myself how well he is doing, day to day. But there is also oversight I don't care how much you like and trust your MiL staff, set-it-and-forget-it isn't a reasonable approach when there's so much at stake.

A video bank would also be hugely helpful when the time comes to trade for MiL players.

BTW I think that 13 orgs now have Pitchf/x setups at the home parks of their AAA affiliates, just for the value in collecting data.

A number of scouting departments equip their scout w/HD cameras. I know of one for sure in the AL East.

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