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Rule 5 Draft Thread: O's select Adrian Rosario lose Pat Egan and Pedro Beato


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There's no way Egan sticks I don't think. He's too home run-prone, right?

Egan's an interesting guy because he can get some good sink at times and can be a ground ball machine when he's on. His main problem though has been an inconsistent slider. Personally, I felt his lack of consistent breaking pitch made him too predictable and limited his effectiveness at the higher levels. Still, I'm not surprised he was taken because when's he's on, he could be a solid reliever.

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Second round has finally been loaded on MLB.com.

What is the difference between "pass" and "no pick"?

No pick, I believe, means no roster space or team passed in the previous round and has forfeited remaining picks?

Pass means a team doesn't want to pick and is forfeiting the rest of their opportunities to pick.

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Wherever he ends up, I don't get the Rosario pick. The guy is barely out of rookie ball.

I mean, if the intention is to keep him, it's horrible. He must really have shown something. I mean, they lost Beato and Egan, and they didn't even have to stay on the 25 man...

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Not surprised that Beato was selected. It will be interesting to see if he sticks. It's also interesting that the Mets were the team that drafted him out of high school and couldn't sign him.

IIRC, Isnt Beato from Brooklyn? I used to follow the draft religiously back in high school when we drafted him but have since left the war room.

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Anyone surprised Pelzer hasn't been picked? I thought that was the #1 guy people thought we would lose in the Rule 5.

People only thought that because BA inexplicably put him as our #5 prospect. Honestly, it's one of the most surprising things I've ever seen BA do and had to be on some scout who saw him when he was with the Padres because the guy we saw at Bowie was a C-level relief prospect at best.

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It's a longshot but this is probably a kid who throws mid 90's and is on the raw side. O's problaby looking to catch lightening in a bottle so it's worth a 50K gamble (really 25K gamble).

Yeah. Seattle actually took a very similar guy (Jose Flores) with the 2nd pick.

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    • Fangraphs credits him with 2.1 fWAR at 3B and 1.7 at SS, so that’s 3.8 so far (it’s possible they might have him dabbling at DH once in a while, we’ll see).  At SS, the O’s ranked 18th at 3.4 fWAR, with Mateo and Henderson splitting time roughly 60/40.  Fangraphs comments: “This playing time projection is the numerical equivalent of throwing your hands up in the air. Henderson looks bound for stardom, be it at third or shortstop, but Mateo is still holding on to the position for now after a solid defensive year established him as the everyday starter. His offensive numbers are downright ugly – that .284 projected wOBA is the second-lowest for anyone in this article with 100 or more PAs – but you can get away with that kind of bat at shortstop if your glove is transcendent. “In 2022, Mateo’s was, but he’d never flashed that level of defense before, so Orioles talent evaluators will have their work cut out for them early in the year. Henderson will likely start the season at third base, but if Mateo’s defense looks shaky, the team should make the switch sooner rather than later. Those offensive numbers next to Henderson’s name are no joke — think Corey Seager, if you’re looking for a parallel as an offense-first lefty shortstop. 2023 is just the start of Baltimore’s plan for contention, but what they do at shortstop will have ramifications for both this year and the future.” https://blogs.fangraphs.com/2023-positional-power-rankings-shortstop/  
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    • I hadn’t really started the WBC poll with this in mind, but so far it appears that many more OH members tuned into the WBC than have tuned in to O’s spring training games.   Considering the composition of the audience, and the frequent complaints about the paucity of O’s spring training broadcasts, that’s not necessarily the outcome I would have expected.  
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