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Baseball America mock

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There are three threads ins the Draft forum discussing the newest mock. Maybe mods can merge them?

EDIT: I'm sorry, I was confusing the subject of this thread with the one discussing the Keith Law mock.

This actually seems like a pretty reasonable mock to me. Obviously the usual caveats for mock drafts apply, but I could see things shaking out in a very similar manner.

Meyer to the Nationals at 1:6 is an overdraft IMO, but one I could see, as he's been riding Helium over the last couple of months and I could see the Nats org. falling for the size and the arm and ignoring the mechanical mess. I could just as easily see them going Bauer, though I don't doubt that CLE would jump all over him or Jungmann with the 8th pick.

No huge surprises in this mock. Josh Bell's stock has been floating up as well, and I love the tools.

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