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Orioles 2012 Draft Tracker

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From Dan Connolly on Twitter

#Orioles have agreed in principle w three of their top 7 picks. Branden Kline, 2nd round, Christian Walker 4th round and Matthew Price, 7th

All 3 picks are at slot; Kline at $793,700; Walker at $349,900; and $149,300 for Price. All contingent on physicals, which occcur Mon or Tue

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Well, unless Gausman wants to drop down around 500k on his signing bonus, we won't sign Velazquez. I am amazed that the Orioles couldnt sign a couple of these guys for $10-20k less than what they got

I thought Velazquez wanted about 500K? The O's are currently $120,500 under the cap so they only need Gausman to go 100K or so under slot.

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