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Derek Jeter has a fractured ankle and is done


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Jeter is a class act, period. Did he ever do something that I didn't like or might question? Sure. You don't consider Jeter a class act and a very respected player?

You said "every step of the way". Well the one time in his career where Jeter was really scuffling he pulled that trick.

I do consider him a class act overall and of course he is very respected.

Folks just have to keep things in perspective about him.

Do you think the way the whines about every called strike is classy?

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Calling out a guy for being a gamer is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever seen. Heck, if he did take some injection to play through an injury, that is something to be applauded for. You gonna tell me that if Nick Markakis took a cortisone shot to play through pain that you'd call him out for not listening to his body? LOL

What were the obvious warning signs all season that Jeter didn't listen to that led to his fractured ankle?

He's been playing on a badly bruised left ankle since September. Not exactly top secret news there. And it got worse after he fouled the ball off the same ankle against us.

My comments had to do with how the national media slobbered over him for being such a gamer. I'm of the opinion that if you're ending up hurting your club in the big picture, being a gamer isn't the most positive of qualities.

And if you think what I said, that my respect for trying to push through that specific injury was lost because it became so much worse as a result is one of the most ridiculous things you've ever seen, I can't believe you haven't been paying attention to some of the absolute goofy stuff coming out of peoples mouths on this board the past week.

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I answered the question. I don't consider what he does whining. Questioning strikes is part of baseball. It's not classy. Neither is spitting but I don't hold it against a ballplayer.

OK then you agree that while he is classy overall he is not classy every step of the way.

Glad to see we can come to an agreement.

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We should probably be a little more careful with the karma talk. I don't think too many Yankees fans were smirking over Fat Bastard's pitch to Nick's thumb. I never like to see any player injured (OK, maybe Mike Vick).

I hope Jeter gets well soon and plays 162 games next year, so they have no excuses when we win the East and stomp them in the playoffs (if NY gets that far).

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Seems you're more upset that your post was named as one of the bad ones. How did Jeter hurt his team?

I AM more upset at that. You're saying what I said is one of the most ridiculous, calling me about by name, and I feel it's unjustified.

I shouldn't be surprised that you had to clarify that, because the next thing you do is ask me a question I already answered. You even quoted the post. You bolded a different part, but before the part you bolded I said "I actually respect Jeter enough to think his impact on the team can't be measured." I basically just admitted what most non-Yankee fans won't, that Jeter's very presence in a lineup makes the team immeasurably better.

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I definitely had sympathy for Rivera's crippling injury earlier this year.

For some reason, I have very little for this....

<iframe src='http://mlb.mlb.com/shared/video/embed/embed.html?content_id=25406543&width=400&height=224&property=mlb' width='400' height='224' frameborder='0'>Your browser does not support iframes.</iframe>

So many empty seats lol, I am sure Yankee fans will say the stadium needs to be closer to New Jersey

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You got on a player for trying to play through pain, said he hurt the team by doing so, and implied he got what he deserved for not listening to his body. Do you retract thos comments?

Excuse me, but you are SO putting words in to my mouth. If you inferred that from what I said, that's you. Not me. I feel bad he broke his ankle. That had to hurt like hell. I didn't imply that at all, or rather, had no intentions of implying any such thing. IF he was ignoring or masking his ankle pain to push through, though, the respect I had for that "gamer" type attitude greatly diminishes because he just hurt his team at a very inopportune time. Not that he hurt his team before then, he obviously was a big cog in taking the Orioles out (I still maintain that the day after he dies he'll go 3-4 with 3 RBIs against the O's). But that if he was ignoring or flat masking it, and ended up getting hurt so bad as a result, that his absence hurts the team. That's all. I'm not happy about him hurting himself, I'm not going a Mr Burns finger steeple and going "good, good" about it.

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This is where I differ from a lot of sports fans.

I care more about *MY* team than what other teams/rivals do. I'm sure its a common thing around the country, but "Baltimore" fans always seem to worry too much about Steelers, Yankees, Duke etc. It doesn't really matter to me if the Steelers lost on Thursday. I'm not going to work on Fri talking about how crappy the Steelers are. Instead, I'll focus on what the Ravens do on Sunday. I dont get some weird satisfaction out of Jeter breaking his ankle. The Orioles lost Friday and their season is over :(

Its something I never really understood.

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Just drop it. I've BEEN defending my comments, they just don't seem to be good enough for you. I'm tired of saying the same stuff over and over again and have you hammer away it looking for chinks like you want me to be some ridiculous ass. You want to think that's how I feel, FINE. I can't stop how you feel. But I still say you jumping on ME over some of the others who are practically cackling with glee is insulting. But whatever. Continue to just insult me WHILE insulting me, which is kind of a cool talent.

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