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vs. RAYS, 6/07


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Nate McLouth - LF

Manny Machado - 3B

Nick Markakis - RF

Adam Jones - CF

Chris Davis - 1B

Matt Wieters - C

J.J. Hardy - SS

Chris Dickerson - DH

Ryan Flaherty - 2B

Jason Hammel - RHP (7-3, 5.43 ERA)


Matt Joyce - RF

Ben Zobrist - 2B

Kelly Johnson - LF

Evan Longoria - 3B

James Loney - 1B

Desmond Jennings - CF

Luke Scott - DH

Jose Molina - C

Yunel Escobar - SS

Chris Archer - RHP (0-1, 11.25 ERA)


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    • Sadly, I feel like the window to extend Gunnar may have passed. Not to point fingers: we have no idea whether Gunnar and his agent ever had any intention of signing at any price, and who knows what constraints Angelos had put on Elias. Just seems like the opportunity for any kind of team friendly deal is fading rapidly. 
    • Kremer was very rarely missing low last night. It seemed like everything was up, even the splitter.
    • Correct on the last part.  I almost mentioned that.  Apart from having the bench bats replace lower lineup guys, the lead-off hitter also has the best chance of seeing the SP a third time through the line up.  
    • Well said he only bats lead off once. The lead off Home Runs are partially a product of him batting with nobody on base( pitchers more inclined to challenge) If they adjust the OBP will go up and so will the steals. As far as a fifth AB who else would you want up, plus whoever is PH for our # 8 or 9 has Gunner in front of them.  
    • I would do both. Adley is 25 and looks like a Buster Posey kind of trajectory/career type. Obviously, by the back end of that deal (last 2-3 years) he will probably not be doing as much/the bulk of the catching (especially on a 10 year deal), to retain faces of your franchise/potential Hall of Fame players (at least Orioles hall of Famers), and maybe guys who one day get a statue out at the stadium is worth it to me. Especially considering how long it’s been since we had ANY. Ripken is the last one (over 20 years ago).  Gunnar is a no brainer IMO! He is 22 and already one of the best players in the sport. He may someday go down as the greatest player to ever wear an Orioles jersey. It is imperative IMO that you never let him walk out of the door (especially in his prime). IMO that would be franchise malpractice. It is extremely unlikely that you could find a player to replace him (be anywhere close to as good). He may be on pace for the greatest Orioles offensive season ever AND he’s only 22!
    • Mullins would be perfect for this if he would hit to his career average. Once Holliday comes up, start him and Mullins 8-9. Once Holliday hits, he can be the leadoff hitter of the future with Adley and Gunnar 2-3.  A 9-1-2 of Mullins-Holliday-Gunnar would be pretty nice.  I agree, Gunnar has to be 1 or 2. Every spot you move him down reduces his predicted AB's by 11% and we don't want that. Better to have him hit more times even if it costs a few base runners than more baserunners/fewer ABs.
    • Really well said and agree on all.  I too noticed the right leg almost always going to first base as he overswung (really I noticed it his first spring training game) compared to striding more straight towards the pitcher. 
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