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(Almost) All Things Manny Machado....


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This was posted in about his 4th inning throw... I'm not saying it's a perfect match, but it's sort of a perfect match...

That play was just plain sick...the fact he made it all is amazing, the fact that it was not even remotely close is absurd (yea Albert is no speedster but come on). There are maybe a couple guys who could get that out, I cant think of anyone else who could get the out and have it not even be close. That's the kind of play that I watch baseball to see....kudos Manny

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Two awesome plays tonight that very few players in baseball, if any at all, are able to make.

I'm not sure anyone else could currently make that throw from 5 steps on the other side of foul territory.

Two base runners wiped out and one in a crucial spot in the 9th by his stellar play.

I was awestruck to be in attendance for them.

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