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vs. YANKEES, 7/21


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Wei-Yin Chen and Nathan Eovaldi are polar opposites, of sorts.

Although Eovaldi has a very mediocre ERA and WHIP (4.50 and 1.520, respectively), he leads the major leagues in winning percentage with a 9-2 record, good for .818.

Chen, on the other hand, has an excellent ERA and WHIP (2.78 and 1.091, respectively), but has a mediocre W-L record of 4-5.

Make it count with our best starting pitcher on the mound, Orioles.


Manny Machado - 3B

Jimmy Paredes - DH

Adam Jones - CF

Chris Davis - RF

Matt Wieters - C

James Jerry Hardy - SS

Travis Snider - LF

Jonathan Schoop - 2B

Chris Parmelee - 1B

Wei-Yin Chen - LHP (4-5, 2.78 ERA)


Jacoby Ellsbury - CF

Brett Gardner - LF

Alex Rodriguez - DH

Mark Teixeira - 1B

Brian McCann - C

Chris Young - RF

Chase Headley - 3B

Didi Gregorius - SS

Brendan Ryan - 2B

Nathan Edward Eovaldi - RHP (9-2, 4.50 ERA) *

* Leads the Major Leagues in Winning Percentage (.818).


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Alex Rodriguez is hitting 3rd?!?!?! Joe Girardi clearly doesn't know what he's doing! He should consult with some of the posters here before setting his lineup! Doesn't he know about analytics???

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A couple things:

It is freaking embarrassing that 90% of the seats behind the plate are empty on such a big series.

I love watching Teabag look stupid.

Manny needs to stop this BS at first. He shouldn't be trying to steal there.

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They have that clubhouse behind those seats I think, they are always empty.

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