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One Hit Wonders

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Former Major League baseball player Deacon Jones never played for the Orioles, but he was with the organization for 19 years (1989-2007.)

He started out as an Orioles Minor League coach from 1989-1991, but then manager Frank Robinson and President Larry Lucchino promoted him to be the advance scout.


From the biography:

After spending a year out of baseball in 1988, Jones got a call from Roland Hemond, general manager of the Baltimore Orioles, asking him to become minor-league hitting coach. He worked in the minors for four years. "Then all of a sudden Frank Robinson was the manager, and Larry Lucchino was the President, and they asked me to be their advance scout. I scouted for the Orioles for 18, 19 years until last year [2007]. That's a really long time. Only Hank King with the Philadelphia Phillies has been there longer [as an advance scout]. Most people told me when I took the job that I would only last eight years because of the mental stress, the traveling ... but I enjoyed it. I was the 26th guy on the club. The guy you couldn't see."

Also from the biography:

"Former Baltimore manager Johnny Oates, he told me that scouts win three to four games a year. Maybe five, as an advance scout. He said that a manager wins anywhere from eight to 10. So, you stop and think about it. Combine those two people who don't even play, and help them win about 11 or 12 games. Was it worth it over the long haul? With that in mind, I felt like a very integral part of the team. I always got the criticism, never got the credit. But that is something that you understand."

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Leo Gomez, Sam Horn, and Charles Johnson come to mind. Bobby Bonilla too, strictly as an Oriole.

How are any of these guys one hit wonders? Johnson and Bonilla had very good careers. The other two never amounted to much but had more than one decent season and no outrageously good season.

David Newhan was a one hit wonder. Steve Pearce was a one hit wonder.

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