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Chris Davis interview on radio

25 Nuggets

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Happening now on CBS Radio. Some interesting tidbits, paraphrasing:

"Giving me the offer at the beginning was a brilliant move, setting the tone for the market. Usually you're told to wait it out a bit, but I told Scott that was a good deal."

"We have such a tight group of guys"

"You all heard Buck's take... I love Buck, I understood some of his frustrations, though I didn't appreciate all of his comments, I appreciate how candid he was."

"The business side of the game can be ugly, but the baseball side is the most beautiful thing."

"After the sky fell in 2014, I wasn't swinging the bat that well at the start of 2015 and the love from the fans really helped me."

"Everybody starts heating up when the weather gets warm."

"Peter Angelos said that money was only meant for me - that to me - when I saw they were exploring other options I started thinking, if I wait until the last day, how beneficial is that? Scott and I started talking."

"The deferred money - tells me we're not going to sign you and just give up, so I'm ready to hop on Duquette's back and [grunts]"

"Without divulging too much information... Manny bought half the stuff in the clubhouse."

I could also tell Davis was in the middle of lunch during the interview.

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