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The End of the Cable Dynasty?


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The forced divestiture of AT&T in the early '80s was the FTC's doing more than the FCC's if memory serves (I was a very recent college dropout at the time, so...). I completely disagree with the assertion that innovation didn't thrive in telephony immediately afterward. It absolutely did.

Where I do think this is interesting - and might agree with you to some degree - is in the latest round of ongoing challenges to our long-standing definitions of exactly what the FCC's turf is. "Public airways" have never included wires, fibers, or SATCOM. Speaking as the great-nephew of Pres Eisenhower's FCC Chair I think it's just about time we abolish the Commission altogether. Let it go the way of the Bureau of Indian Affairs (oops, that still exists! so embarassing to be an American sometimes).

Lets stay away from political views. My post was simply about the fact that cable as an industry is going to be changing and the world of live sports along with it.

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