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Edmonds: Still has it with the glove.

Moose Milligan

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Anyone just see that grab he made to rob Hunter Pence?

Would have made Willie proud.

Yeah, I was watching that game on EI while waiting for my Cards-Pads game on the West Coast. When I saw the outfielder going after that fly ball, I didn't expect him to make the catch. After he did, I realized that was our "Hollywood Jimmay!", back in his old highlight reel form. I've never seen anyone so adept with that patented, back-to-the-plate, ball-over-the-shoulder catch; Edmonds must have more of that kind of catches than any other center fielder.

Practically any other center fielder, that catch doesn't get made and the runner on first base scores -- which could have been the difference in that game last night.

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