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Orioles Video Q&A


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*Mods/Admins, sorry if this isn't the right spot for this. Feel free to move, delete, or send in Zach Britton on me*

Hey folks! From the guy that brought you "Orioles 2017 Fan Fest Recap," I'm going to start a new video vlog, talking baseball and answering questions and giving some comments. Want to start with the first video in the next few days, but need your help! Send in some questions! I know one of the top posters/admins tried creating one a month ago and had some stuff come up (I apologize for forgetting which one posted it, since it was deleted.) I may not be at Spring Training, but I'm following stuff closely and have followed the Orioles and minors since the 90's. But any questions from current stuff is always welcomed! It is something I hope to do during the season with atleast weekly (and maybe bi-weekly during important times and events) videos and some Q&A's in there.


So, let the questions start!

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you have some serious competition.

After more than 23 years at WJLA (Channel 7), most recently in the role of director of sports, Alex Parker is trying to figure out what’s next. Parker, whose position was eliminated in January as part of a series of cutbacks at the Sinclair Broadcast Group-owned station, has stayed busy and kept his skills sharp by field-producing for a new Orioles fan blog: “Diamond Diaries — By: A Daughter (and her dad).”

“I’m big with alliteration,” said Parker, who takes credit for the name of the site, launched last month by his younger daughter, 11-year-old Nicole.


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