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2010 Draft Class: Top 300 Prospects (Pre-season)

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PnR's Top 300 Draft Prospects list (pre-season) is posting this week. I have part 1 up now (1 - 100) and parts 2 and 3 to follow this week:

Top 2010 Draft Prospects:

1 - 100

101 - 200 (to follow)

201 - 300 (to follow)

1-100 Quick notes:

55 College to 45 high school

54 pitchers to 46 position players

Best Cross-section is HS pitchers

Very, very good... as always. Thanks.

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I've gotten a very good response to the Top 300 from the readers -- thanks very much to those of you who have checked it out and given the feedback!

Because there seems to be some interest, I'll be running my first ever "chat" on Saturday afternoon, starting at 2pm and stretching until whenever. I'll put the link up here tomorrow right after I post the final part of the Top 300 rankings (selections 201-300). Only a little over 2 weeks until D-I baseball starts!

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Couldn't make the chat saturday. I have a question for Greg and Stotle. Do you think Colon can improve his draft position to where the Orioles could/should select him?

I think he is a defensible selection right now, though we'll see where his range is once the season starts. Reports out CSFU are that he's progressed nicely. Since he wasn't able to practice in the fall, it MAY take a little bit for him to get back to where he was this summer. But he's certainly a potential target at 1:3 if BAL is looking to spread money throughout the draft again.

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