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Hayden Penn a Pirate


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Good luck in Pittsburgh, Hayden.

Hm, maybe now one of the lame Pirate announcers will be able to make the funny statement I have always anticipated: here comes Hayden from the Pen. Or better yet, Penn from the Pen!:laughlol:

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"But I don't wanna be a Pirate."

Maybe Hayden does...

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    • Duquette basically sat next to Roch on a flight and basically said those words. I can't find the link but Duquette said there was only one person in the warehouse that thought signing Davis to that contract was a good idea. 
    • I’m kind of getting off point here, but the trade of Lopez did not cause these pitchers to be overused.   The bullpen actually pitched significantly fewer innings per game in the second half (3.65) than in the first half (4.08).   Akin, Tate and Krehbiel all were used more sparingly in the second half than in the first.  They may have gotten tired, but I’d say it had nothing to do with the Lopez trade.   Bautista was used a trivial amount more in the second half (0.41 IP/G vs. 0.40), though he tended to have longer outings than in the first half. Back to your point, I think if the team went to a six-man rotation, the trade-off would have to be that the starters would throw more IP/start than under a 5-man rotation.  Otherwise, you’re right that the bullpen will get overtaxed.    It’s encouraging to see that our starters carried a decent load in the second half of the season.  I hope to see more of that this year.  
    • Yeah, I think Dan deserves some credit here.  Good thread, WC. DD was a good GM despite having a hand tied behind his back almost at all times (no international scouting and signing in South American countries, Peter Angelos, Showalter, the Chris Davis fiasco, etc).  As mentioned, he did find some really good unknown players in Miguel Gonzalez and the little heralded Chen who were good performers.  He did what he had to do in order to keep the major league team in contention throughout most of the 2010s and I believe he did his best at drafting with a franchise that, under the Angelos reign, hadn't given too much to attention to the farm system. His fingerprints are still on this team, I'm not upset about it.  I liked DD, he was the first competent GM we'd had in a long time. I think this sums it up best.  He wasn't infallible, but his years here were mostly good.  Good teams to watch, sell outs at Camden Yards, playoff appearances, etc.  I would add to @glenn__davis's list that he gave in to Buck Showalter a little bit too much.  The Davis contract is evidence of that but I also feel like there were a couple of other times (I can't remember off the top of my head) where Buck got what he wanted, perhaps at the expense of the team moving forward.  Buck, as much as I liked him, too, made no bones about the fact that he wasn't interested in a rebuild or developing young players, etc.  He wanted his guys, his vets and I think that's another area where DD had a hand tied behind his back. 
    • Adam Jones knew who was making the decision. https://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/orioles/bs-sp-orioles-jones-main-0225-20160224-story.html
    • For Machado and Britton at their lowest value point
    • I’ve always felt that some of the statements that the Orioles had no talent whatsoever when Elias arrived were a bit overblown.  Interestingly, of the listed players in the OP, only Hays, Mullins and Santander had made their major league debut, and none of them were established major league players.    One glaring thing about that list is there’s not a single 2B/SS/3B or C.     
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