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Alexander Gonzalez - 11th round - RHP (Boca Raton Community HS)

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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

by Cristina Ledra

Opponents and teammates alike marveled at the performance Boca Raton pitcher Alex Gonzalez turned in Tuesday night during the fourth-ranked Bobcats 2-1 upset of top-ranked Jupiter.

Gonzalez's five-hitter helped the Bobcats (8-1) escape with the victory.

"He was unbelievable," Boca Raton third baseman Sean Gallagher said of Gonzalez. "He was just shutting everyone down. He had movement on everything. That was one of the best performances I've ever seen him pitch."

With one out in the bottom of the second, a single and two walks loaded the bases for the Bobcats. Gallagher then hit a sacrifice fly to score Michael Tallet.

Andrew Flint followed with a single to drive in Gonalez to give Boca a 2-0 lead, which is all Gonzalez would need.

Jupiter (8-1) scored in the top of the third, taking advantage of Boca throwing and fielding errors.

Jupiter outhit Boca 5-3, but couldn't advance any runners past first base in the final four innings.

"This is a tough district and every game is going to be a big game. You have to come with your 'A' game and you can't make mental mistakes," Jupiter coach Doug Ferguson said. "But I thought the difference was their pitcher. He was just awesome. He had command of all of his pitches and he was spotting it up really well and he really shut us down. I really tip my cap to him."

Gonzalez had eight strikeouts and no walks.

"I threw a lot more fastballs than I did change-ups or curveballs and they couldn't hit them, so they struggled," said Gonzalez, who improved to 3-0. "But we're a good team and they're a good team, so I knew it was going to be a tough game."


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    • I don’t think you read my whole comment.  I said the game realistically wasn’t at risk. As a fan I want the 11-0 shutout. The Boston fans are able to say,” At least we didn’t get shut out.” That’s why we are always happy to get a meaningless ninth inning run to spoil the shutout when we’re getting whammed. There’s even a term for it; “an FU run.” Yes, we won, but as fans, we’d rather have won 11-0 than 11-3, and everyone who has ever been happy about that single run in the ninth to spoil the opposition’s shutout would agree. As GM, Mike doesn’t care about an individual game. I made that clear. He wanted to see what Viera could do. My entire point during this exchange is that he already basically knows what to expect from Viera, and it’s not good. If he wants to try to fix what is wrong, fine. DFA him and send him to AA or AAA and let him work, and if he doesn’t make it through waivers, oh, well. But don’t put him on the 26 and let him try to fix his problems in games that count. Ive already said that Viera shouldn’t have been on the 26, but given that he was, Mike was obviously willing to give Viera a chance at a live audition. 
    • He's so young and such a good hitter that even if he's an old man running right now he's probably going to sit at around this level as a runner/defender for another 3-4 years.  That's a lot longer than most people who sign big FA contracts.  If he signs a 10 year deal he'll be 35 in the last year of the deal, and he's got a good chance of still being a productive player at that time, which isn't really something you can say about most players.  If he follows a typical aging curve, he'll still be worth around 20-25 batting runs over average at age 35, which is enough for him to be a 3-4 win player even as a DH.
    • 800 OPS in slumps is pretty good. Look at Druw Jones or Elijah Green. I believe he’s making some minor adjustments.
    • You are stating that he has a 52nd percentile throwing arm and that his throws are accurate.  Then stating he does not have a good arm?  Those are conflicting statements.  I'm seeing a 91 percentile for arm value, per Baseball Savant.  Moreover, he does not run like an old man.  A statement like that should be reserved for bottom tier percentile runners, not average or slightly below average ones.    I think his defense could continue to improve, yes.  He's only 25.  You are talking as if he's a guy in his early 30s, who is about to hit a cliff.  In Yankee stadium, he should be able to play adequate defense in RF for quite some time. 
    • Agree that Ottavino would be a good target. He’s somewhat similar to Cano in that he’s a lot better against RHB’s, but he’d still be a good add. I would still hope for an even better reliever (either in addition to him or instead of him if they’re only adding one piece) but he would definitely strengthen the BP.
    • That's why I said I don't think it's his top priority. But I do think he thinks about these scenarios. 
    • Yeah. If it were just Mayo for Skubal for 2+ years, you'd have to consider it
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