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Connolly: O's turn down Jurrjens, Prado and prospect for Jones


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This from MLBTR: The Orioles wanted Jair Jurrjens, Martin Prado and at least two of Brandon Beachy, Mike Minor, Julio Teheran, Arodys Vizcaino and Randall Delgado. The Braves weren?t interested at that price, Crasnick writes. http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/baltimore_orioles/index.html

What this tells me is Duq wasn't seriously entertaining a trade for Jones. That's way too much to expect to get for him.

You ask for two of those prospects because you hope that you land one of your picking in addition to JJ. I think that the Orioles could be smart and try to swing an all pitching package for Jones. Maybe JJ, Minor/Delgado and JR Graham as a PTBNL. The Orioles are not likely to find any other team other than maybe the Rays, Royals, Rangers, Red Sox or Yankees who would be willing to deal multiple quality pitching prospects/young arms for someone like Jones. Atlanta is the best fit IMO because it keeps Adam out of our hair. If he blossoms than he does it in another league for a team that we don't have to play during the year. Jones' value may be tied directly to what we can get for him and not what he can do for us.






Arrieta becomes the teams closer and saves us some money. Not exploiting the FA market for pitching saves us a great deal of money. Now maybe the Orioles look at Fielder and think that he replaces Jones on the offensive side (most likely an upgrade) and the team needs to focus on obtaining an CF moving forward and Damone could be a fit if the right deal is there. Damon would not strap us either as we could get him on a 1-year with an option IMO.










As you can see the addition of Fielder gives us the big bat and Damon gives us an outfield option to go along with Reimold. The offense is liekly better and more balanced compared to last year and that isassuming that Roberts does not come back. Let's assume that we would entertain someone like Edwin Jackson. He is going to cost 3/$33M at least so his number is eating into what we could pay Fielder. I also think that if the Orioles make the moves mentioned above than we could be in a position to swap Matusz for Floyd and Quentin which would essentially allow us to move Reimold to CF and slot Floyd into a rotation where he would be the teams third best SP. It would also give us a lot of quality arms for real depth and guys who could be packaged in deals.

I will say it again, Jones is the key to rebuilding or winning now, but I think we have to move him in the right deal to get the ball in motion.

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Heyman says that there is no way that Jurrjens and Prada were offered for Adam Jones. Says he does not believe it.

Says it would be the stupidest trade in Atlanta history.

Heyman is also an idiot. I see no credibility for him, all he does is feed off other peoples scoops and throw out off the wall speculation with no basis.

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