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What Do Cabrera, Colon, Encarnacion and Bautista Have In Common?


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All four are from the Dominican. Cabrera and Colon have been suspended recently.

Edwin Encarnacion is having a career year and just hit #34 tonight against the Orioles. In the past 13-17 HR's was a typical season for him. He had 17 last year. Suddenly the ball is jumping off of his bat. He'll probably finish with more than 40.

Jose Bautista everyones talked about nationally and on OH. He never hit more than 16 HR's prior to 2010. In 2010 he somehow hit 54 HR'S in 161 games or 1 in every 3 games. Not bad. In 2011 he hit 43 HR'S in 149 games or 1 in every 3.4 games. This year he has missed a number of games and has 27 HR'S in 92 games or 1 in every 3.4 games again. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Will Encarnacion or Bautista be the next to fail the test? I think Encarnacion will go next and Bautista will eventually. We've suspected certain Toronto players were using special bats and we played a video of the Toronto TV crew hinting as much on air during Bautista's 54 HR season. Maybe it's not the bats. Miguel Tejada was also from the Dominican and was involved in allegations he took steroids and said he gave B-12 to Palmeiro.

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    • Yep.   I'll be pleasantly surprised if he makes the OD roster.    Verducci Effect or not, the benefit for the Club if it can acquire control of his 2029 is large.     Grayson Rodriguez's 2022 platform has not been enough for Mike Elias to plan to pitch him 26 weeks or 33 starts in MLB in 2023.     The rest is just a question of asset management. Pittsburgh Roansy Contreras is a talented young pitcher maybe close to Grayson's ballpark, has been the 100-loss Pirates second best starter this year by ERA+, and was optioned back to AAA yesterday like he was Nick Vespi or something.   There's a chicken-egg game with SP's building up to take the full Jordan Lyles complement, and Clubs "protecting their best interests" by looking out for them.   And then, the meta-game where the MATH doesn't make sense for anyone except maybe 10 guys per league to take the full Jordan Lyles complement. It isn't that Grayson Rodriguez isn't as awesome as Gunnar Henderson...he just isn't ramped up enough.   And competitively, you aren't maximizing the roster well enough on a daily basis if "tired Grayson Rodriguez" gets one of your 13 precious spots that day. In terms of what the 2023 Orioles will be, I hope they use him straight out of the gate, and start tinkering with load management if being the 6th best or better team in the league looks likely after a few months.   But I don't think that's what will happen.     The Mariners Logan Gilbert and George Kirby cases this year are decent analogs, and curious to see what they have left for this month.
    • Yes, at 3B/SS/2B.  860 OPS at 1B could be 750 at the big league level, which gets you Mountcastle.  With plus defense across other IF positions, that's positive WAR.
    • I am glad we don't have to choose at least not now anyway.  I would also go with Adley for the intangibles.
    • This probably means we get a grand finale of the Aguilar and Odor Show in game 2. 
    • Why are they even playing these games, everything is set for the playoffs. I would hate to see somebody pick-up a significant injury in a meaningless game. 
    • Yea, I agree with this.  He’s definitely down the list of guys I would cut but I also wouldn’t hesitate to do it if we had to.  Chances are they won’t need to add 15 guys to the 40 man this offseason, so it’s probably a moot point but once you get into that area of needing to drop the 10th guy off the current 40 man list, his spot becomes precarious.
    • The orioles will probably have around 38 guys on the 40 man by the rule 5 draft. If you’re taking more guys off of it then you need to put more players on. There aren’t that many options to add that I see a situation where bubble guys like Zimmerman are left off and bubble guys like Handley aren’t added. 
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