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Two HoFers? Beltre and Konerko

Moose Milligan

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I still don't like him, but espn.com has a piece on Adrian Beltre's chances for the HoF.


He's been around since he was 19, so he can pile up some nice counting stats.

When I was watching the game last night, I thought about Paul Konerko's chances. He's 36 and still going strong so I think he could have at least two more productive seasons left. As it stands right now, I think he'd be on the bubble. He's never lead the league in anything, never won an MVP...but he's been really consistent for his career. In some respects, he reminds me of Eddie Murray, though Murray lead the league in a few things here and there throughout his career. His closest comp is Fred McGriff though.


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Beltre would have a good case to get in if he quit today imo. He's one of the better defensive third baseman I've ever seen and his offense was clearly suppressed those years in SEA.

Konerko is more iffy (based on being a first baseman). He does seem to have gotten better with age.

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I don't think Konerko is very deserving, if you're simply going off of WAR. Beltre is definitely deserving but I think he'll get overlooked because he wasn't one of the more household names in baseball. But according to BRef, he has 21.6 dWAR so far in his career. That's 35th all time and he'll probably play 8-10 more years. That's pretty crazy.

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Konerko has been a solid offensive player throughout his career, but if you're someone who goes by WAR, his WAR isn't all that impressive in large part because he's been such a poor defensive player. If he gets to 500 home runs I think he'll get greater consideration, as I don't recall him ever being suspected of anything, but a part of me wouldn't be surprised if he ends up a Fred McGriff type guy whose perpetually stuck in that good, but not great, or good, but how good realm. I haven't looked at the numbers for Beltre recently, but he's got a shot at 3,000 hits, which still carries an aura about it that 500 homers doesn't. Plus, he's a third baseman, of which there aren't a great number of in the hall, and for which defense can really carry you over even average offense.

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