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Peter Angelos makes a clubhouse appearance


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Buster Olney on ESPN reporting that PA came into the locker room, where JJ gave him the game ball that clinched our 82nd win.

I think it's kinda cool. Thoughts?

Honestly, I am surprised he knows where the clubhouse is. That said, I am glad the 2012 team has made him interested in baseball. All O's fans new and old are welcome at any time in my book.


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Good for him, now come back more often PGA. Come back every week. Boy a PGA clubhouse appearance, my goodness things are changing for the better. Let's get the old man the World Series trophy, just for the heck of it.

P.S. Remember, AJ had not even met PGA until, possibly, his recent clubhouse appearance. All hands on deck PGA, we need you too.

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