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Kuroda May Return To The Dodgers or Go To The Angels


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Kuroda just resigned with NY, 1/15. A little surprised at this. I thought he would return to the west coast.


Guess the Yankees were serious about preferring to overpay for one year instead of a two year commitment. Will be interesting to see if they meet their goal of getting under the threshold in 2014.

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    • Mounty is a very likeable guy that is really fun to watch, especially when he is locked in....but you are 100% correct.  He's basically said himself that he won't adjust and be more patient, which is really frustrating.
    • https://twitter.com/BowieB aysox/status/1665750329919520773?s=20 Yes!! Easton Lucas is coming to Norfolk you guys!
    • I’d consider going with a platoon at this point. O’Hearn starts against RHP and Mountcastle against LHP. 
    • To a team selling what would they want in Urias being a piece in and of himself or for him being a primary piece of a deal? He is a nice complementary player. He's 29 years old with I believe 4 more years on his contract. I'm not sure how much value that holds to a rebuilding team. If we are not trading for pitching, I'm not sure we should be making a trade? You say to open up a spot for Westburg and Ortiz, that's fine if that's what you believe in. I don't believe that is wise or necessary. I believe that we should be trading the players from our overcrowded infield stock of talent who can retrieve the most value in return in terms of a starter. Since an impact starting is our greatest and most glaring need IMO. Of those players mentioned in your last statement, I'm not sure that any has that much trade value. I mean if you were another team, you might see something there in Norby. But I am not high on Hall, given his age and lack of AAA success/dominance to this part. And Prieto and Stowers are more throw in players than they are coveted pieces. I don't see much there even if you included all 4 together. The same thing applies to Mateo, who's going to look at him and say that's the guy that I want. What rebuilding team is really coveting him. Same for Santander with only 1 and a half years remaining until FA. The difference is that Santander is actually a pretty decent hitter and is valuable to us as a switch hitting MOB. I'm not a believer in that a rookie can come in and instantly give us his production. And I don't want this season to be another rebuilding season where we are not maximizing our current odds for success. IMO we are well beyond the rebuilding phase and looking to get rid of good players. We should be trying to acquire them in the form of pitching (hopefully both starting and relief).
    • “Throw strikes and trust your stuff”!  
    • And now back to Heston Kjerstad discussion… 15% K% is the big factor for him. .324 Babip isn’t wonky.   Anyone have breaking ball data on him?  How has he done against top prospects or guys on rehab?
    • Irrelevant, obviously, no.  But if the O's make the playoffs, I'm not writing them off because their rotation on paper is worse than the team they are playing.   Do I think the O's need more talent in the rotation?  Yes.  Do I think it's a prerequisite for them to have a chance this year if they make the playoffs?  No
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