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I just watched a junior in HS clocked at 96mph!

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Here's my point: we all know that any highly touted prospect can turn out to be a dud. You didn't really need to tell us that. It's still pretty cool to live in some town where one of these guys resides, and witness a 17-year old kid throwing 96 mph. Why kill the fun of it by stating the obvious? I'd say if you saw Delmon Young hit two 500-foot homers, you had a pretty cool day, no matter what the guy did in his professional career -- and, the guy did have a decent major league career even if he didn't turn out to be Albert Pujols. It's fun to see a legit high school phenom.

I don't get it. Even after I told you that you had entirely missed my point, you still insist that is my point. Whatever Frobs, Adios.

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