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Zach Britton Today, 2013


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And you could see the mechanics break down in the 6th inning. 2 walks and a run but he just totally got out of whack. Back to trying to muscle the ball up there and not using his whole body. All over the place. Well, I think he made progress today but it looks like there is still work to be done. I think it's a step in the right direction.

6 IP is par for ou ML staff right now...maybe he's ready!

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Read up on Tim Beckham. Evidently players on the 40 man aren't subject to tests for pot. I didn't know that.

He wasn't on the 40 man at the time.


No way the PA is going to let them test for pot.

Guys in the majors are more then willing to stick it to the guys still toiling in the minors tho.

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Britton has no business being on a major league field any time soon.

True. I would much rather see Johnson and Arrieta than Garcia up here though. I'd wait to judge Jurrjens until at least another start or 2.

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No one is suggesting otherwise.

Are you reading the same thread? Talking about having something to do with the ML club, better than Garcia and Jurrjens, should just put these guys in place of Garcia/Jurrjens going forward, etc. etc.

Britton shouldn't sniff this club until he strings together quite a few outings where he isn't walking the park or getting clubbed to death. Or throwing 25 pitches an inning.

He is bad right now. 9 base runners in 6 innings with 5 of them being walks is not in any stretch of the imagination good.

The only thing encouraging is only 4 hits in 6 innings. But this could be a blip.

Let's see him go 6+ IP in 3 or so outings in a row without walking the park or getting hit around like a rag doll.

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Arrieta and his 6.63 ERA and < 5 IP per game? His 18 walks (including HBP) in only 19 innings?

Well we know Garcia is going to be bad. At least there's a chance (however slim it may be) that Jake could have a great outing.

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Arrieta and his 6.63 ERA and < 5 IP per game? His 18 walks (including HBP) in only 19 innings?

Ok, are we talking AAA or ML? Because we were talking about Britton's AAA numbers then you throw Arrieta's ML numbers in there.

Jake has given up 3 BB in 19.2 innings since being demoted to Norfolk. Do I think he's all of a sudden figured things out? No, but were short on options right now and I'd rather take a shot with him than either Garcia or Jurrjens. Either you have Garcia throw, who's around the plate and he gets pounded, or it's Jake and you roll the dice that he's on and he can shut off his brain for a night. Six of one, a half dozen of the other.

Johnson isn't doing anything right now and Britton, well, I agree about Britton. Heck, Jake wouldn't even be up here right now if Johnson had pitched well or if Chen had never went on the DL, but it isn't the case.

Look at it this way, if he screws up again it may be his last chance.

Actually, I'd rather get five good innings out of Matusz or McFarland.

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ZACH BRITTON O (vs. AAA-Durham, 5/19)

IP:. 6-Plus *

H:o 4

R:O 2


BB: 5

SO: 2

Pitches: 90 (47 Strikes, 43 Balls)

2013 ERA: 4.08 (AAA-Norfolk)

* Britton left the game in the 6th inning with runners on 1st and 3rd base, nobody out, and one run already in (Britton's 2nd run allowed of the game, only 1 of which was earned.) Manny Delcarmen then came in to replace Britton. Before Delcarmen threw a pitch, rain forced the grounds crew to put the tarp on the field. After the rain stopped 2 and-a-half hours later, the umpires deemed the field unplayable, the Tides were awarded a 3-2 victory, and Britton's line of 6-Plus innings remains as stands.

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