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Like Father Like Son Angelos Family


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You do know that "go for broke" is not the same as "go broke" right?

Get back to me when they try. Since 98 way more Valleys. Maybe one year they might go for it.

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They tried in 2004.

Or do you not think that adding Tejada, Palmerio, and Lopez counted as trying?

They alo made a very legit attempt to sign Vlad that offseason.

2013 and 2014 are the times to go for it. You know when you actually have a good team.

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Considering how you have a history of seeing what you want to see in a lot of articles, you are expecting us to bu your interpretation on a pull-out quote with no context?

I cant find the Article anywhere online. Did you miss that part? I want to read it cant find it.

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Haha ok so we're 100% sure about the future of this franchise based on a few blurbs out of SportsPro Magazine. Color me indifferent.

Not only that but the OP is upset because Angelos doesn't want to mortgage the future for one shot at a ring.

Heaven forbid we get a team that consistently wins around here.

I guess Birdland would have been happy as a Jays fan last offseason.

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If JA takes over, maybe he will designate before each season whether it's one in which the Orioles are trying to get to the World Series. In the seasons designated as "We're not really going for it" years, we could avoid endless speculation about what ownership is up to and cut down substantially on Hangout posts as well as ticket purchases. And those of us who are psychologically equipped to do so could take the summer off from Orioles baseball.

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