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Cruz has quietly been horrible since June 1st


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What a difference a hot start makes... But he has been OPSing at about a .650 clip since June 1st.

He has been particularly horrible since the ASB:


Schoop, for reference:


That's not going to get it done. In fact, as terrible as Schoop looked against the Angels, Cruz looked just as bad.

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From the group of Cruz, Davis, Schoop/Flaherty, and Joseph/Hundley, at least one of those positions needs to start producing or it's hard to imagine we'll be able to sustain our winning %.

I agree. We won't. We can't just pitch our way to the championship.

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Without a doubt it will be tough on the team to score if both Cruz and Davis continue to struggle. I like the idea of giving Lough some more ABs here down the stretch as well so they can start getting days off if they don't start producing.

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Last night was tough to watch. Usually we are a good team at making adjustments during the game which I think is why we score a lot of late runs. In the game last night guys like Hardy, Machado, Pearce and and Cruz continued to try and pull pitch after pitch when the Angels pitchers were throwing basically only outside fastballs and sliders. It seems Cruz has moved off the plate a bit lately and he is not foing to rightfield at all. He had one down the first base line lastnight but he was not driving it that way just happened to hit it there as he pullled off.

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Alot of Orioles are in slumps.

Nick Markakis in July: .231 Avg. .292 .OBP 1 Homer and 8 RBI's Last seven games: .115 Avg

JJ Hardy:in July: .208 AVG .255 .OBP 2 homers 12 RBI's

Most of the Orioles are not hitting. Schoop. Hundley, Flaherty, Pierce and Machado have also cooled off a little the past week. The Orioles need to pick it up to stay ahead of the Jays and Yankees. Markakis and Hardy also look a little tired. Markakis did not run out two balls very hard in the Angel series. You can give both of them a day off sometimes. Do we have to play them every day?

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    • I thought Verlander's personal Opening Day leading off the DC series might be a springboard, but the Nationals ended up winning Saturday and Sunday to give the fans lots of warm and fuzzy 2019 memories. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/the-astros-are-rapidly-digging-their-hole-deeper-and-deeper/ Szymborski speculates with the early SP injury stack they might need to be the ones to push early for a Marlins starter. Lot of interesting Arms here if it ends up running entirely off the rails.
    • I wasn't worried because I thought he actually held his own. I also kind of viewed him as a versatile Zobrist-lite kinda guy, so I wasn't worried about him making a huge offensive impact like, say, Gunnar or Adley. I was hoping for an easy upgrade on Urias, basically. So I'm thrilled with what he's doing right now. 
    • I don't know if asking at this point is going to solicit honest responses but here we go: how worried were you in the offseason about Westburg's late-season slump?   I wasn't terribly worried but I'd understand why if you were.  It was more just frustrating because both O'Hearn and Westburg slumped at the same time and it just killed our offense going into the playoffs.  For what it's worth, ZIPS had him as an above-average regular this season and going forward.  Their algorithm seemed pretty impressed with his half-season audition.   For sure though, even if I wasn't worried I certainly wasn't expecting him to brush close to 1.000 OPS in his first month.  And I imagine there weren't many people that were.
    • They better have Westburg jersey's in the team store.
    • That's fine.  That's a take with the appropriate amount of subtlety. The silly rhetorical questions, "How can he learn to hit ML pitching in AAA?" devised to produce a foregone conclusion have no such subtlety. 
    • We could also give up the farm for Jesus Luzardo, as was your plan in the offseason 
    • I’ll leave the player evaluations to you since it’s your specialty.  I just gave reasons why I don’t think we see Povich anytime soon.   
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