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Dan Duquette Duplicity Thread


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QED so far as I'm concerned on the issue of intent by this guy.

Weams you seem personally offended at any suggestion that DD should be more outspoken on this issue. While the above quoted post certainly softens my perception of DD's lack of statement on the issue I do still think there is reasonable cause to be disappointed in it. And I don't see the need to dominate the subject simply because you disagree. Your posts here are always insightful and good reading but on this subject I wonder if perhaps passion has taken over a tiny bit.

I think good discourse on the subject is warranted. I do believe that those who think Duquette is not operating with the Orioles best interests are searching for that. But fair enough. My passion on this is the underhanded way that it has been handled by the poachers. Not for Duquette for being interested or Angelos for squashing it. As I need to be reminded, "We don't know what we don't know."

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