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7 Major League Arms on the AAA roster

Redskins Rick

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We talked about this a bit in the Orioles, and figured it was worth it's own thread here.

Scotty G. on 105.7 said last night on the drive home. There are 7 major league arms on the AAA roster that could come up and help this year if needed.

Personally, not sure if there are 7 or maybe he was stretching it a bit.

Regardless, there are some numbers for sure.

Zach Davis, TJ, Wright and Wilson, come up pretty easy, wonder who the other three are.

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Johnson is a major leaguer when healthy. Barring no other injuries, Garcia might have to come up with one right before his opt out. I see him as the 5th starter for next year. Given the option statuses of the bullpen guys we have, and their effectiveness, we really only have to go as deep as SJ, Drake and a lefty if Matusz and Wright both get hurt. As far as rotation depth goes I see Gausman getting the first crack then SJ.

Garceau was probably referring to the 7 former MLB'ers. But the system is deep at the top with arms that could make an impact on the rest of this season or make the club out of ST next year. I could see next year's staff out of ST being primarily homegrown and very cheap.









Then Drake, Wright, Wilson, McCoy, Berry, Givens, Kline, Davies, Macfarland, Bowden battling it out with FA's for the remaining 4 spots.

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