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2015 28th (853) - Christian Turnipseed - RHP - Georgia Gwinnett College

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    • I do if Santander and Stowers are on the roster next year.  I'd be fine with Adley at 1B, Stowers in RF and Santander as DH against tough right-handers, especially if Mountcastle is still on the team.
    • Yes, this is a different kind of trading year for Elias so we really are in uncharted territory.  You don't trade established players for minor league talent this year, you are now trading either minor league talent for established major league players or dealing established players in positions of depth for established young players in positions of need like, SP and Left-handed hitting 1B.  
    • Now he won't do it just to pi** you off! 😁
    • No its not. Having Adley only catch 100 games is awful and signing a back up C for 20+M a year for several years makes no sense. And let's not overrate the Adley bat quite yet.  He barely hit 250, had poor EVs and hard hit % and he struggled mightily from the right side. His bat may end up being special but if you take him out from behind the plate, that bat isn't nearly as impactful.
    • I think they are going to give him every chance to start in ST and then back in AAA even if for another half season if need be. The MLB pen should be constructed to not need him as a reliever, unless there are a slew of injuries. 
    • So your theory is Elias used a 40-man roster spot to protect a 33-year old Crash Davis type to mentor a potential backup catch at AAA? Honestly, considering the insanity of this move, I can buy it over anything else. It's still makes zero sense since there is no history of Bemboom being some kind of defensive savant and the organization traded for Cam Gallagher who has a much better defensive record at the major league level with plus pitch framing abilities.  This has to be some kind of once in baseball history kind of thing. Has any team, after their season was over, ever put a 33-year old catcher on the 40-man roster with a career major league OPS under .500 in the history of the game?  Heck, Bemboom was a minor league signing last offseason and is a year older, and coming off another injury riddled poor offensive season at both the major and AAA level.  My running theory is that Elias' contract is really coming up and he wants to either leave or he wants some big money and until he gets that contract extension he's going to start loading up the 40-man with 30-year old-plus bad AAA players. I'm kidding of course, but this theory makes as much sense as any theory someone can come up with for this move.
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