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The Yankees Series, July 21-23


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Huge series for us.

Chen (4-5, 2.78) vs. Eovaldi (9-2, 4.50)

Gausman (1-1, 5.00) vs. Nova (1-3, 3.42)

Jimenez (7-5, 3.29) vs. Tanaka (6-3, 3.65)

Eovaldi has benefitted from huge run support, 5.61 runs/game, fourth best among qualified starters. Chen has gotten 3.41 runs/game, 43rd of 49 qualifiers. Chen has pitched well in 2 starts against New York, allowing 3 runs in 13 IP. Eovaldi has been his typical self against us, 5 runs in 10.2 IP. I feel we have the edge in this one, if our bats have finally woken up.

Nova has made four starts since returning from TJ surgery. He was sharp in his first outing and mediocre since then. As to Gausman, he's been all over the lot, so we will have to wait and see how sharp he is.

Tanaka had two horrible starts in June that raised his ERA from 2.49 to 3.88, and since then has settled in with three pretty good starts. We have not faced him this year, but beat him the two times we saw him last year, with Jonathan Schoop homering in each game. Ubaldo beat the Yankees on June 12, though he was not particularly sharp.

ARod and Teixeira continue to pace the Yankee offense. The Yankees have not hit particularly well in July (.715 OPS, 4.08 R/G). Of course, the Orioles have been worse (.683 OPS, 3.36 R/G).

Even moreso than usual, I think tonight's game is very important and the key to this series. It's the most favorable pitching matchup we'll have in the series, and sets the tone. I'm hoping we'll see Chen at his best, and be patient against Eovaldi, who tends not to get deep in games (5.44 IP/start). The back of their bullpen is deadly but their middle relievers can be reached.

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I think Buck kept Chen in his spot rather than moving him up in order after the break to have him start the first game against the Yankees. We will see if it pays off.

Winning 2 of 3 would get us right back in the race, losing 2 of 3 would push us pretty far back going into August. Getting swept would be unthinkably bad and likely turn us from buyers into sellers.

For the love of God, please do not let Alex Rodriguez beat us.

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If we lose the next two, its likely the season is pretty much over.

I don't know. The team could be sellers next week and still respond with a winning streak. The team has played some of it's best ball when significant players were on the DL. It's a funny team that seems to play its best when unexpected filler players get on hot streaks, not when the "stars" play particularly well.

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Calling it now - 8 innings in a Win from Gausman
I too think Gausman is going to really show up tonight.

I take back my statement, I'm hoping he just gets through 5 after the trade talk today. Kid gets yo-yo'd and now this. I'd probably be hoping for a trade if I'm him

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I take back my statement, I'm hoping he just gets through 5 after the trade talk today. Kid gets yo-yo'd and now this. I'd probably be hoping for a trade if I'm him

I think the trade talk is going to be P him off. Look for his fastball to be blazing tonight and I expect a superb start from him. O's win.

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    • The Marlins are not trading a guy who would be a highly sought after guy for a top 75 prospect, a one year expensive (for them) rental player and essentially a throw in vet in Urias.  That’s laughable.    Even if the Marlins really value the bat of Santander, that trade would get blown away by many other teams.
    • Hopefully Ohtani ends up in the NL. How crazy would this be if he didn’t get injured?  
    • Love Hyde. It hasn’t eased for me either. Bradish and Grayson got much needed exposure to the playoffs. Looking back on the juggernaut that Bradish faced… was that actually a “good” playoff start?  Grayson has all the humbling fuel to have a big offseason and learn to become a true #1. 
    • A Kimbrel signing would tell me that we’re out on Luzardo, and Cease. Wells as a SP. Why give up one of Westburg, Holliday, Mayo, Basallo, Cowser, or Kjerstad? I wouldn’t doubt if Santander, Urias, and Ortiz, was our actual best offer. Kimbrel as closer puts us where we were at the end of September. Wells should be able to build upon his really strong 1st half by able to go another 30-50 IP as a strong SP. I’d feel comfortable if we added Robertson too. The time to get aggressive is at the deadline. I doubt Elias and Co. chose Flaherty over Montgomery. Seems like his hands were tied over Montgomery costing more money the rest of the way. $4 million ish. Elias just knows what to expect this deadline and to leave himself some wiggle room. 
    • They need to add the ability to trade picks other than the awarded comp picks. 
    • IMO Bradish, Grayson, Means, Kremer, Wells Kimbrel, Cano, Webb, Baumann, Baker Coloumbe, Perez, Irvin AAA - Hall, Tate, Zimmerman, Akin It makes a lot of sense. We could bring in the Japanese reliever to have optionable depth on the RH side. We could sign Robertson. We wouldn’t have to trade a big piece for Luzardo/Cease. 
    • Do I care what Frazer thinks?    Yes,  he has been around for a while with Pittsburgh, Seattle before being part of a 101 wins in Baltimore.  He has a perspective that is interesting. I like his points about why Hyde is such a good manager.   His comment about Holliday was good to hear.     Glenn kept trying to get him pumped up about the O's being special and Frazier enjoy his time here.  Thinks they are winning group of players, some special moments but overall he wants to be on winning team and says there are other places to win. He know the chances of returning to the O's are slim.   And he also wants to get paid which is not in the cards with the O's going forward. Overall a nice interview.
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