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The Mark Teixeira song


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The Braves are paying for them to come to a game and sing their song.


Four and a half games back and I don't Te-care-a

You know why we got Mark Teixeira

Got a new Braves jersey that I'm gonna wear-a

And written on the back is Mark Teixeira

The Mets are scared cause their lead's gonna narr-a

They're lookin' over their shoulder at Mark Teixeira


We got Fred McGriff back in '93

Hampton's out cause of injury

Schuerholz smiles cause he is happy and Bobby says,

"Let's go Mark T."

The National League it just ain't fair-a

The Atlanta Braves got Mark Teixeira

Chipper and Andruw make a mighty nice pair-a

Let's make it a trio add Mark Teixeira

A side effect is mild hysteria

The medical reason is Mark Teixeira



Scott Thorman stinks and Julio is old

What did Shuerholz do? Must've sold his Sooouuulll

Pitchers beware cause he's gonna scare ya

Throw him a strike now if you dare-a

He could probably steal on Yogi Berra(NOT Yogi Bear-a)

Biggest thing in Georgia since Scarlet O'Hara

If I were a woman I'd probably Marry ya.

And that's not Gay cause its Mark Teixeira

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