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Sun 6/14 ATL vs Os


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Fouled a ball off his shin in his first at-bat yesterday. Came out of the game after the 8th inning with Pie taking over CF. Jones was scratched from the line-up today after originally being pencilled in.

Is it just a one day thing or is it more serious than that? :confused:

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    • Good info, thanks. Can you expand on Bradish? So are MRI's still showing damage to the ligament following the PRP injection?
    • Skenes, like other power pitchers, will need TJ at some point. Keep this is mind any time you want to do a position player for pitcher swap.
    • Not something we don’t already know but you can tell how important defensive flexibility is. They make decisions based on team needs. Things evolve and change.    I said earlier this year that Mayo in OF makes sense to me. Have to see what comes of it.  
    • Just finished listening to interview today.    I’ll start at end    Was asked about Mayo. Where does he play long term? How are you holding him back  -Elias says plays in middle of the lineup -Elias said he is special, almost underrated. 80 grade power not huge swing and miss - He can play 3rd, better now at 1st  -big takeaway. They have him shagging in OF. Hedging on his defensive home. Most of their big prospects are LH. Putting himself in conversation helping club this year  Burnes  -fun to have and watch, good for young guys  -rare combo swing and miss and durable  -arguably best SP in sport, great command, unique package, didn’t start pitching till 12th grade Bradish  -sprain in ligament, PRP helped, has felt good  -so far this is best case, day by day and not out of woods, as good as could be  -more spring then summer return, April/May hope to put this in rear view mirror   Holliday  -exceptionally talented, way ahead of his age  -real mature, attitude, work ethic, lacks normal level of experience  -not surprised by struggles, wanted him up early and not later during playoff run for this reason  -his defense transition should not be underestimated, last year when Gunnar started slow they had him playing SS, he is aways going to be a SS longterm, different feeds and turns not easy,  Ownership change  -not sure if ever happened before on OD -first time in life for Mike where not working for people who hired him  -things going well, not a lot to do for owners in April  On balancing youth and vets -tricky falls more on Hyde day to day  -all 13 starting caliber plus minors  -Difficult when everyone is healthy but with way sport is problems work themselves out 
    • That’s why I said Holliday plus.  I wouldn’t do Holliday plus Kjerstad.  But I would do Holliday plus.  The way I look at it is if the Orioles had the first pick at the beginning of the season and they could choose between Skenes and Holliday, I would want Skenes. 
    • Yes.  It’s a matter of the affect Skenes would have and the fact that we have other guys in the system that can replace Holliday, even though they are not as good. 
    • That's probably just Tony Tates. He's that guy that gives 100% until the moment he doesn't have to anymore and then he goes into straight meander mode. He is a man that will take his time when he can; my guess is he enjoys laying down for a second after the dives and slides if the play is over.
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