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Home run/Lineup predictions. Starting 9.


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This could be a very potent lineup!

Or it could be a very injury prone both young and aging lineup. Heres my optimistic guesses for lineup plus HR totals.

Roberts - 7 I think he may have some lingering injury issues.

Markakis - 17 Much more protection should help

Scott - 23 Last year he hardly had his bad streak.

Guerrero - 24 Domincan. He might actually be 39-40.

Lee - 27 I expect a better year than last if his thumb is better.

Reynolds - 38 12 feet shorter to Left C at the Camden yards than AZ.

Jones - 23 Same as Nick

Wieters - 22 I am thinking breakout year!!

Hardy - 9 Straight up guess

Wow that really adds up to 190 just out of the starting 9. Would have put us 4th based on last years team performances without bench players. Only 3 players not over 20 HRs I must be fricking crazy.....

Way up from just 133 last year.

Take your guesses and I'll make sure I check back in October. Don't really worry about guessing lineup. But you can.


In the AL East 2010:

TOR 257

BOS 211

NYY 201

TB 160

BAL 133


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