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6/23: Orioles vs. Nationals

Don Quixote

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Anyone still disagree with my thread about betemit's lazy' date=' uninspired and error prone play costing this team games?

Yeah, I didn't think so.

Time to make a [b']trade for a real 3b[/b].....I can't take this garbage anymore.

Headley, Craig, Ramirez, Izturis, Callaspo.
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    • Everything seems pretty spot on.  Nothing stands out as a big miss.  
    • Seems like I used to be able to edit my posts, but I can't figure out how to do it now. I neglected to mention in my previous post that all seven of the Orioles' eighth-inning runs scored after there were two outs.
    • Strangulation even if not fatal can cause permanent brain injury.  This isn't a game anyone w/ any sense should be playing.  If you are a public figure like a MLB player with a big contract you should be aware of that.  There were several (at least 3) instances of Bauer doing this to women.  Supposedly all consensual.  I guess he got no real punishment other than losing a lot of money.  There's thousands of genuinely innocent men and women serving years in jail and I have no opinion whether Bauer should have been found guilty.  I do know he should have used better judgement and the way he has acted towards other teammates would make me not want him on the O's. 
    • Kudos to Christian Walker, who just beat Devin Williams in a big spot. The Brewers closer had a bad inning asked to pitch in "playoff high leverage", DOWN one run in the 9th inning. Diamondbacks in good shape to steal the Pfaadt-Burnes game, with Zac Gallen in reserve.
    • Yes, I remember the game. I was an Oriole fan living in the Albany, NY area at the time.  One of the local TV stations, which normally carried Yankees games on Sunday, decided to pick up  five or six weeknight telecasts of Yankees games.  This was the first of them.  I didn't get to see the Orioles very often, so this was a real treat for me. I was ecstatic beyond words when the Orioles had that comeback from so far behind.  I remember trying to figure out who the winning pitcher was, and finally realizing it was Chuck Estrada, who was trying (not very successfully) to recover the promise he had shown in his first couple of seasons in Baltimore.  He gave up three runs in three innings, but was still the pitcher of record when the Orioles mounted their rally. That was the last game Estrada would win in an Oriole uniform.
    • I have a hard time understanding BB-ref’s 1.3 in the second half, when he posted a .636 OPS and missed a chunk of games.  
    • I apologize if you feel like I wasn't allowing you to have an opinion.  I've always appreciated your opinion. What I object to you is your rather, imo, cavalier attitude that yeah, sure the dude was completely screwed, railroaded, slandered, defamed, in essence, robbed and exiled, but he was a jerk- so what does it matter? That's a bad take imo. Edit: And I repeat for the 5th time, if we're just talking about having him on the Orioles, then yeah I get that.  Wanting him on the team is different than ruining a man's life with no evidence.
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