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Random John Kruk info

Moose Milligan

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Randomly browsing wikipedia last night and I was reading up on John Kruk because I saw him on tv. I do that, just get lost in Wikipedia and read random articles about random events, people.

Anyway, this was bizarre, I thought:

In October 1987, Kruk rented a house in New England with two other men: Roy Plummer, a high school friend, and Vernon (Jay) Hafer, an acquaintance of Plummer's.[2] They socialized and partied together, with Plummer almost always picking up the check.[2] Unbeknownst to Kruk, who moved out in November to play winter ball in Mexico, Plummer was funding the group's lifestyle by moonlighting as an armed robber, with Hafer serving as his getaway driver.[2] The FBI informed Kruk of his roommates' criminal activities during spring training in February 1988, approaching him before batting practice with a photo of Plummer taken during a bank robbery.[2] According to the FBI, Plummer believed that Kruk had turned him in to the police, and Kruk lived in fear of reprisal until Plummer was apprehended on September 19, 1988.[2] Kruk has stated that the ongoing stress from the episode negatively affected his on-field performance that season.[2]
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