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Link? I found an interesting quote from 1997 at S.O.S.H., but nothing about Clemens and his lawyers going after Rogers.

<< "He got his velocity back," said Carlos Baerga, the Mets' second baseman, who batted against Clemens as a member of the Cleveland Indians. Had it been noticeable that Clemens had lost speed on his fastball? "Oh yeah," Baerga said.

How does a pitcher regain lost velocity? "Doing exercises, weights," Baerga said. "He might have had a great conditioning program in the off season. Maybe he was determined to show everybody that he hadn't lost anything." >> - Murray Chass, New York Times, 9/2/97

And a pointer to an SI article on Ken Caminiti which quoted Rogers.

Issue date: June 3, 2002

.... Says Texas lefthander Kenny Rogers, "Basically, steroids can jump you a level or two. The average player can become a star, and the star player can become a superstar, and the superstar? Forget it. He can do things we've never seen before. You take a guy who already has great hand-eye coordination and make him stronger, and without a doubt he'll be better."

.... [Former Yankee, Chad Curtis] estimates that 40% to 50% of major leaguers use steroids,...

.... "When you were in college, everybody knew someone who could get them pot," says one minor leaguer. "In baseball everyone knows someone who can get them steroids."

.... Says Rogers, "Just look around. You've got guys in their late 30s, almost 40, who are throwing the ball 96 to 99, and they never threw that hard before in their lives. I'm sorry. That's not natural evolution. Steroids are changing the game. You've got players who say, 'All I want to do is hit,' and you have pitchers who say, 'All I want to do is throw 97. I don't care if I walk [everyone].'" Steroids have helped even mediocre pitchers turn up the heat. "The biggest change I've seen in the game," says a veteran major league infielder, "is seeing middle relievers come into the game throwing 91, 92 [mph]. Those guys used to be in the mid-80s or so. Now everybody is throwing gas, including the last guy in the bullpen."

.... Rogers has a nightmare about how it might end, and that is why he does not always throw his fastball as hard as he can. It is the thought of some beast pumped up on steroids whacking a line drive off his head. "We're the closest ones to the hitter," he says of the men on the mound. "I don't want the ball coming back at me any faster. It's a wonder it hasn't happened already. When one of us is down there dead on the field, then something might happen. Maybe. And if it's me, I've already given very clear instructions to my wife: Sue every one of their asses. Because everybody in baseball knows what's been going on."

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lawyers starting an investigation into Rogers alleged steroid use reminding anyone of OJ looking for the real killers?


That is a good analogy.

OJ has at least made some progress- it is apparent that the "real killer" was a golfer since OJ has been able to narrow the focus of his search to golf cources. :rolleyes::D

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