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JJ Hardy is ridiculously underpaid - And a Silver Slugger- And third in the Platinum glove voting.


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Why trade JJ when you are on the verge of a great team. Are we still rebuilding? We were Johnsons blown saves away from winning the division. We should be looking at pitching #1 and not stocking the farm system with Hardy and seeing what we have with a guy that just got done breaking his back in the minors.

Why trade Hardy!?... Well when you have one of MLB's future stars who plays SS you can explore your options. I am not saying you need to trade him but Hardy could be a player to use to help improve our pitching.

And no more of that crap of .. well if JJ didnt blow those games we would have been in the playoffs... NO we would have been in the playoffs if our bats did no go cold for the last 2+ months of the season; of if bullpen could come in and get the outs they needed to get... it's all the same. We were an average team last season.

We have holes on this team.. and standing pat / not improving is NOT going to get us to the next step.

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