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I've got an extra ticket for tonight's game


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Hello, OH—

My dad and brother were supposed to drive up from Northern Virginia and catch the game with me in the Bronx tonight, but at the last minute the plan was derailed. I'm still going, and my cousin has claimed one of the other two tickets, but I've got a third that is up for grabs.

We'll be in Section 236, Row 3 (left field bleachers). I paid $29 apiece on StubHub, but I'd part with it straight-up for a brat and a beer in the park. And some decent conversation. Something along those lines.

Send me a private message if interested. First come, first served. I'm looking to get a train into town around 4:00 or 4:30, so I should be able to check my messages till about then.

Hope to meet one of you tonight!



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    • Texas, except if Texas beats the Rays... well I guess in that case they'll be playing well enough that I might want to change my answer to the Rays!
    • Texas definitely. They’ve struggled the past couple of months. Tampa is the second best team in the AL. It’s ludicrous that we would potentially match up in the ALDS. 
    • It felt more like a $10 mm season.  But we got what we paid for, and then some.   I’d peg Gibson’s future career earnings as closer to $25 mm than $10 mm.  He just seems like a guy who has a few competitive seasons left in him.  Lyles got a 2/$17 mm deal after his 179 inning, 88 OPS+ season with us.  Gibson just gave us 192 innings of 87 OPS+.  He gave us 17 quality starts and 15 wins.  His next contract will be as good as the current one, maybe better.  And he’ll pitch after that.    
    • Texas. Obvious answer is obvious. 
    • First of all, I was referring to Mateo as the sub 600 guy. And you can trade Mullins if you have a real replacement for him. This organization does not currently have a replacement for him.
    • We are all aware that there are no sure things. I don’t think that needs to be stated, whether it’s going to the young players or keeping the vets.  That is obvious. That being said, we have Holliday, Mayo, Cowser and Kjerstad who are, by most rankings, all top 30 guys and they are all performing at a high level and ready to be here or, at the very least, very close. And this doesn’t include Ortiz, who has been a consensus top 75 guy. Plus you have Norby and Stowers. All of them are ready. You aren’t going to have that level of talent and let it go to waste. It’s just not happening. 
    • I thought the idea was to trade guys while they still had value (before the crash) and fill that position with a cheaper version? You are speculating that Mullins would of hit better if he wasn't injured.  All I'm saying is this is 2 years in a row with stats showing a downward trend so if it happens again next season you have a player that won't be worth a bag of balls at the end of next season because it will be assumed his skillset is fading.  We basically got Hicks off the street because he couldn't stay healthy and his production had completely fallen off. Also, you make a statement that Cowser is a sub .600 player so does that mean you don't make plans for him next season?  Of course you need a fall back option but I thought you are always all for making sure the young guys get opportunity. We do agree that Cowser isn't a natural center fielder but in my scenario you would have a defensive minded backup, be it Hicks, Mckenna or someone else.  If Cowser doesn't hit enough to make up for lack of range then we definitely want to have someone on the roster who can play top notch D to fall back on. You can't predict development.  I know I didn't expect Gunner to look this good at short and honestly Westburg has been way better than I thought we would see based off of scouting reports.  
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