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Post July 31st Predictions


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A lot of moves. A lot of teams much better or worse then many thought.

Surprising to me: Red Sox aren't better

The Royals are THIS good!

Mariners aren't better

The Twin City turning heads!

Post season:

ALEast: division: Blue Jays/WC: Yankees

AL Central: Royals

AL West: Angels/WC: Astros

I am thinking Astros might have faded but they some moves to help their team.

Yankees beat Astros play Royals, Royals win.

Blue Jays beat Angels

Royals win.

That's the way I see it. What say you?

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East: Orioles

Central: Royals

West: Astros

WC: Blue Jays over Angels

ALDS: Royals over Blue Jays, Orioles over Astros

ALCS: Orioles over Royals

Orioles Predictions:

-Tillman continues his trend of being dominant in the second half

-the pitching staff as a whole continues pitching excellent as they have since May

-Gausman has an ERA under 3.50 the rest of the year

-Manny finishes as an 8.5 win player and finishes 2nd in MVP voting behind Trout

-A 3/4/5/6 of Jones/Davis/Pearce/Wieters proves to be very solid going forward

-Pearce is the 2nd best hitter on the team behind Manny when he gets back

-Wieters and Davis continue hitting well, putting their stocks very high heading into free agency

-Adam Jones has a monster finish to the season, finishes with an OPS of .850 for the season

-Orioles win 92 games and head into the postseason as the team to beat in the AL

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The O's starting pitching and hitting is much better and more consistent the last 2 months. I think DFAing Norris will be a bigger help than adding Parra.

AL East: Yankees

AL Central: Royals

AL West: Astros

WC1: Orioles

WC2: Blue Jays

I think the O's and Blue Jays are better than the Twins and Angels and will catch them very soon. Race for AL East will probably go down to the last weekend.

O's final record: 88-74

Wild card game: O's over Blue Jays

ALDS: Royals over O's (I hate predicting this)

ALDS: Astros over Yankees

ALCS: Royals over Astros

WS: Royals over Dodgers

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