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A 2012 indictment alleging massive shill bidding said Allen and Mastro sold a 1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings trophy ball for $62,000 even though lab tests showed paint on the ball had not been manufactured until after World War II. Allen is also accused of selling hair from Elvis Presley even though he knew DNA tests had raised questions about its authenticity.

Mastro, meanwhile, acknowledged in court that he had altered the world's most expensive baseball card, the T206 Honus Wagner card once owned by NHL great Wayne Gretzky. As two Daily News reporters wrote in their book ?The Card,? the alteration increased the card's value significantly and helped spark the sports memorabilia boom of the 1990s even though trimming is an egregious violation of hobby practices. The Wagner currently belongs to Arizona Diamondbacks owner Ken Kendrick, who paid a record $2.8 million for it in 2007.

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    • Not disagreeing with you it’s just a team that would likely trade for Urias would be “contending”.  Those types of teams just don’t trade away pitching. They don’t. So we’re looking at a prospect return, when right now we need MLB immediate help. 
    • Totally agree. The guy is a buffoon pure and simple. Might actually be WORSE than his father. I am starting to feel like this team will not be sold and we will be stuck w/ mediocrity for decades more to come. Prove me wrong John! Extend Adley and Gunnar and sign some bigger free agents next off season.
    • We desperately need Grayson to pitch his way into our rotation so that we can bump Wells to the pen. We might be better with Voth in the rotation over Wells right now because we need MR/SU help bad. 
    • I know that they played the same positions last year at Fenway, but I almost wonder if it would make more sense to just leave Hays in LF and Santander in RF (when he's in the OF) regardless of stadium. I get the logic of Hays covering more ground, but there is an adjustment to how the ball comes off the bat and I wonder if the overall defense throughout the course of the season would be improved if they consistently get the same looks, playing the same positions. Ultimately, it probably doesn't matter, but just me wondering. 
    • My issue isn’t the $8 million we gave Frazier. It’s the thought process of Elias. He trades away Jorge Looez last year because he was hitting the last two years of arb. That Lopez trade hurt us last year, and it’s going to hurt us this year. So Bautista took of vet Lopez as closer. However, who is taking over for Bautista for RH set up?  So was the Jorge Lopez trade worth it, considering we were so close to the WC last year, and should contend this year? Hindisight is 20/20, but it looks like we would’ve been better off keeping Lopez in MR/SU, filling out the IF with a combo of in house options, not signing Givens for $7 million, then spending the $15 million on another SP.    We could be stacked right now if we would’ve signed a pitcher and added $15 million in salary. With Lopez and Wells in MR/SU.    Elias hasn’t had good resource allocation. You don’t just trade away relievers that throw 99 mph sinkers. Not when your window is just opening. You also don’t sign FAs when the strength of your org is MI.    The real shame is going to be that we might have to turn to GR for MR, and give him the Gausman treatment. It’s going to get really frustrating watching the Lineup and SP give us leads with this bullpen. 
    • This was my first experience with watching the new rules in play and it will take me time to adjust. I was forced to watch on MLB extra innings..hence Sox announcers. The didn't care for the Devers call, but he was admiring the long foul ball he hit the previous pitch. They were complaining that the pitcher wasn't even on the rubber yet. I do like the shortened time between innings and for the most part the better pace of the game. I didn't care for lack of replays..like AR's first inning HR, not that the Sox announcers would have said much. I don't need to see replays over and over again, but one good time is plenty. What are they going to do when a player has a milestone game and fans want to give him an ovation?? Umpire's discretion?? Announcers will have to adjust too, they really don't have much time to complain about close pitches before the next pitch happens. I also enjoy not watching batters adjust their batting gloves after every pitch.
    • Part of me wants to make a Sons of Sam Horn account and just casually drop this there. But that site is ungodly to look at in format.  OH is so much easily to navigate and more aesthetically pleasing.  
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