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vs. RAYS, 6/25 DH Game 1


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Game 2 (1:05) DH Game 1

<IMG SRC="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-4evt_yR1gMU/UzTdlP6fzzI/AAAAAAAAA-c/aQl2QKl01Gk/s1600/Orioles3.gif" HEIGHT="80" WIDTH="80" BORDER="0"> |=======| <IMG SRC="http://www.printyourbrackets.com/mlb-logos/tampa-bay-rays-logo.png" HEIGHT="80" WIDTH="80" BORDER="0">

Team Records

42-30 |=======| 31-40

1st, +1.5 |=======| 5th, -10.5

Streaks / L10

+2, Won 2 of 3 / 6-4 |=======| -8, Lost 9 of 12 / 2-8

Team Offensive Rankings (AL)

BA: .266 (4th) |=======| BA: .235 (15th)

OPS: .790 (2nd) |=======| OPS: .727 (10th)

Runs: 346 (4th) |=======| Runs: 281 (14th)

HR: 111 (1st) |=======| HR: 100 (4th)

Last 7 Days

BA: .316 (1st) |=======| BA: .182 (15th)

OPS: .853 (4th) |=======| OPS: .554 (15th)

Runs: 44 (3rd) |=======| Runs: 18 (14th)

HR: 10 (6th) |=======| HR: 7 (13th)

Team Pitching Rankings (AL)

ERA: 4.22 (10th) |=======| ERA: 4.15 (8th)

WHIP: 1.39 (13th) |=======| WHIP: 1.30 (7th)

BAA: .264 (12th) |=======| BAA: .254 (6th)

TB: 1039 (9th) |=======| TB: 986 (4th)

Last 7 Days

ERA: 5.14 (12th) |=======| ERA: 4.56 (11th)

WHIP: 1.43 (11th) |=======| WHIP: 1.38 (9th)

BAA: .266 (8th) |=======| BAA: .279 (11th)

TB: 123 (11th) |=======| TB: 131 (13th)


ERA: 4.93 (13th) |=======| ERA: 4.18 (5th)

WHIP: 1.43 (13th) |=======| WHIP: 1.28 (4th)

BAA: .274 (13th) |=======| BAA: .252 (5th)

TB: 690 (7th) |=======| TB: 656 (2nd)


ERA: 3.07 (2nd) |=======| ERA: 4.08 (11th)

WHIP: 1.32 (9th) |=======| WHIP: 1.34 (11th)

BAA: .248 (8th) |=======| BAA: .257 (11th)

TB: 349 (11th) |=======| TB: 330 (8th)

NEW: Quality Start minimum requirements (experimental, suggestions welcome)

- 6 IP, 2ER

- 7 IP, 3ER

- Game ERA must be 4.00 or less


Kevin Gausman


4.37 (1.35/.274)

62K / 18BB, 12HR

QS: 5

Last 9 starts (39 IP): (0-4) 6.92 (2.03), 11HR, 79 baserunners allowed


Gausman's struggles continue as his numbers over the last nine starts, despite three QS mixed in, have been awful and whispers of comparisons to someone named Jake have been getting a tad louder lately. He has allowed 13 runs in 20.1 June innings and has been pretty bad against the Rays for his career, but he has done well at home this season so we will see what trumps what. I can't imagine Gaus has a whole lot of confidence right now, but nothing short of an injury is going to get him out of the rotation at this point IMO. He would have to pitch like this for much longer than nine starts before that is even an option anyway, but he really hasn't looked good after the hot start for the most part.

Splits & Sits

118 vs. left: .234/.274/.339, 2HR

177 vs. right: .302/.358/.480, 10HR

Bases Empty: .304

RISP: .233

RISP w/2 outs: .231

Men on w/2 outs: .208

Man on 3rd, < 2 outs: .231

2016 Home (5 starts)

(0-1) 3.48 (1.16/.240), 5HR

Career vs. TB (8 starts, 2 relief)

(2-4) 5.65 (1.67/.303), 4HR

vs. Batter

Evan Longoria (21 AB) .286, 2B, HR, 4RBI, 3BB

Desmond Jennings (10 AB) .100, 2B, BB

Logan Forsythe 4/7, 2 2B, HR, 3RBI, BB

Curt Casali 2/5, 2B, RBI

Brad Miller 1/5, 2B, 3BB

Tim Beckham 1/3

Logan Morrison 0/3

Corey Dickerson 0/2



Matt Andriese


2.88 (1.14/.239)

34K / 13BB, 2HR

QS: 3

CGSO (1)

Andriese made his first start of the season on May 8th after throwing 65.2 innings for the Rays last season. He actually pitched to a 2.36 ERA in May and went at least six innings in four of his five starts including a complete game two hit shutout against the A's. Then, after allowing five runs in 10.1 IP over two starts which he got the win for, he was demoted to the bullpen. I really can't figure out why the Rays would have such a quick hook after the May he had and the fact that he was 5-0 at the time, but he made three appearances out of the bullpen allowing two runs in 5.1 IP in three appearances with both runs coming in his last appearance against the Indians. He will make his return to the rotation here for game one of this doubleheader.

Splits & Sits

83 vs. left: .230/.289/.289, HR

118 vs. right: .245/.280/.288, HR

Bases Empty: .216

RISP: .234

RISP w/2 outs: .050

Men on w/2 outs: .120

Man on 3rd, < 2 outs: .250

2016 Away (4 starts, 1 relief)

(3-0) 3.46 (1.23/.260), HR

Career @ Camden Yards (0 starts, 2 relief)

(0-1) 2 IP, 5H, 4ER, HR

Career vs Baltimore (0 starts, 3 relief)

(0-1) 3 IP, 5H, 4ER, HR

vs. Batter

Chris Davis 1/2, S-HR

Adam Jones 1/2, RBI

Manny Machado 0/2

Jonathan Schoop 0/2

Matt Wieters 0/1, BB

The Rays jumped out to an early 3-0 lead against Gallardo, but that's all they would get and it was enough to win thanks to some bad defensive plays by the Rays especially in the sixth inning and a very, very poor pitch sequence by Conger/Moore in that inning resulting in a walk to Trumbo and a first pitch bases clearing double to Davis that was easily the worst pitch of the night for him. The Rays deserved to get hammered in that inning as Moore just kept throwing fastball after fastball when offspeed probably would have struck Trumbo out and throwing a first pitch fastball over the plate to a guy that crushes first pitch strikes with the bases loaded was just asking for trouble. The defensive error by Longoria that allowed Machado to reach was huge and the throwing error off the Davis double by Forsythe to home plate allowed the third run to score on the play. Throwing Jones the same pitch that he almost hit out the first time for a second time was also asking for trouble. That probably sums up the Rays struggles right there. Other than that inning, they really didn't play that badly, but the inning was bad enough to lose them the game and the Orioles kick the series off with a win. Doubleheader tomorrow.

Gausman has really been struggling for over a month now and I worry that his confidence is being slowly eroded away as there is just no end in sight at this time. It is awkward to watch him, so I can only imagine what it must feel like for him. Andriese seems like a solid arm and should give the Orioles some trouble.

Boston beat the Rangers today to win their second in a row and stay at 1.5 games back of the Orioles while Toronto slips to 3.5 back with their loss today to the White Sox. In the Central, Cleveland has won seven in a row and have a four game lead over KC who is only a half game out of the WC. In the West, Houston wins their sixth in a row and closes to nine back of Texas and only 1.5 back in the WC as they continue their charge to wherever it is they are going and Seattle are down to StL in the ninth as they are staring a seven game skid in the face if they lose there. What a fall that team has taken.

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"Let's play two" as the late great Ernie Banks would say. Back then, fans actually got a two for one. No more. But, no matter. Let's get after them today, get both ends!!! Here is one of the million reasons why baseball is better than football....Football never produced anything so sublime. My buddy, Wayne Henderson, in France, teaching his version to a French audience!!

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