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Mother's Day May 11 vs KC


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Bynum is an outs machine!!!

Why the devil is Huff at third?

A. Melvin Mora is (at least) 36 years old and hasn't had a day off in over a month.

B. Huff has been perfectly passable every time he's played 3B for the O's. There's no harm in using him in the field occasionally so that others don't get so fatigued that their own defense becomes awful.

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Are you kidding? I wish they'd do it at least once a week to keep Mora fresher.

I suppose its a shame we don't have a utility guy that can really play 3rd like Gomez used to.

We could play Cintron there I suppose but we need both Huff and Mora in the lineup with Ramon and Brob out.

So you're right, you're right :D

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