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1. *Pedro Alvarez, College 3B, Vanderbilt, Age=21, 6' 2 - 225. The third-baseman, from the same college (Vanderbilt) as last year's overall #1 pick David Price, is the consensus #1 rated player after stellar Freshman and Sophomore campaigns. Alvarez is well put together at 6' 2 225 lbs., bats left, throws right and plays a decent third base. However, it's his bat that most feel have him at the head of the class.

Update... June 3, 2008;

Has struggled defensively (10 errors i 40 games) but came back hitting pretty well, considering the hand injury.

In 167AB's > .317 BA, 9 HR, 30 RBI, 28 BB's, 28 K's, 3/4 SB's, .424 OBP/ .593 SLG/ 1.017 OPS.

2. Tim Beckham, (GA) High School SS, Age=18, 6' 0 - 188. With continued progress he profiles as an All-Star SS, both with the glove and at the plate. He is an athletic defender with graceful actions and a very strong arm. Unlike many High School SS's, Beckham will stay at short. After speaking to Griffin's Head Coach Jamie Cassady, it was great to hear that Tim is a great person as well. That's a whole lot to like.

Update... June 3, 2008;

In 78 AB's > .500 BA, 5 HR, 31 RBI, 16 SB's

3. Buster Posey, College C, Florida State, Age=21, 6' 2 - 200. Posey's defensive strengths, athleticism, and solid offensive skill-set have scouts abuzz, as the former SS has bounded into top 10 consideration and should challenge HS'er Kyle Skipworth for the 'top catcher' spot. A great junior campaign has him in line for College Baseball's 'Player of the Year'! I believe Posey profiles as a .300+ BA/ 15-20 HR/ .825+ OPS catcher.

Update... June 2, 2008;

Four HR's in a double header in the regionals. Posey has teammates carrying fire extinguishers in the dugout!

In 229 ABs> .472 BA, with 24 HR's, 85 RBI, 50 BB's, 22 K's, 5/8 SB's / .572 OBP/ .908 SLG/ 1.480 OPS!

4. *Brian Matusz, College LHSP, San Diego, Age=21, 6' 4 - 195. Matusz (pronounced MAT-is) is one of those pitchers that just has ML'er written all over him. The University of San Diego junior stands 6' 4 and weighs in at 195 lbs. He employs a sweet combination of crafty lefty with a low nineties fastball and consistently throws three quality pitches for strikes. He will pitch from 87-92 and can hit 94 when necessary, but it's his assortment of high-grade secondary stuff that has scouts excited about his future.

Updated... June 1, 2008;

Matusz's has fairly claimed the title of 'Best College Pitcher', and his regional effort has wide smiles upon scouts' faces.

In 14 starts and 1 relief appearance > 105 IP... 1.77 ERA, 83 Hits/22 BB's, 141 K's, and a .211 BAA.

5. *Eric Hosmer, (FL) High School 1B, Age=18, 6' 4 - 220. For me, Hosmer may be the single best 1B prospect in the last 20 years and while some discount his value for being a 1B'man, I have him as my personal overall best prospect in the draft. Already a very good defender at 1B, Eric profiles as a middle of the order beast. With perhaps the sweetest swing in the draft he won the WWBA (World Wood Bat Association) Tourney MVP back in October, adding to an impressive collection of accolades.

Update... June 3, 2008; The #1 player on the #1 team in the country, Hosmer remains my personal highest rated player.

In 122 PA's /87 AB's> .471 BA, 11 HR's, 27 RBI, 16/16 SB's, 31 BB's, 12 K's, .607 OBP/.989 SLG/ 1.596 OPS!

6. #Justin Smoak, College 1B, South Carolina, Age=21, 6' 3 - 200. I love Smoak... in a manly way naturally =P. Smoak is well built at 6' 3 200 lbs., with sound swing mechanics from both sides of the plate that generates both average and power. He has played very well in the Cape Cod League (Collegiate Wood Bat League) and projects quite well as a big leaguer. Often overlooked and sadly undervalued, Smoak does play a very good defensive 1B.

Update... June 2, 2008; Brilliant season has helped scouts determine that he is the real deal... and a big deal at that. A 2-1 BB/K rate foretells of many good things for the slugger.

In 235 AB's > .383 BA, 23 HR, 72 RBI, 57 BB's, 28 K's , 1/4 SB's, .505 OBP/ .757 SLG/ 1.262 OPS.

7. Aaron Crow, College RHSP, Missouri, Age=21, 6' 2 - 215. Missouri right-hander Aaron Crow really burst onto the scene during his dominating Cape Cod season (Collegiate Wood Bat League) this past fall. At 6' 2 215, he is not overly big, but is a solid athlete and easily repeats his mechanics, which may contribute to why his command of a low to mid-nineties fastball (which has hit 98 occasionally) has been outstanding.

Updated... June 1, 2008;

Crow has bounced back strong, very strong, shutting out Mississippi in the regional opener, and is undefeated at 13-0 on the year.

In 15 starts> 107.1 IP, 2.35 ERA, 85 Hits/38 BB's, and 127 K's.

8. *Kyle Skipworth, (CA) High School C, Age=18, 6' 4 - 205. Skipworth has been a steady riser among scouts who have watched his growth in the California H.S. ranks. Skipworth was tremendous during the summer and at the wood bat AFLAC classic, until fading at the Area Code Games later in the year.

At a physically impressive 6' 4 205, Kyle features a 4-tool skill-set, with speed being his only detriment. He reminds some of Joe Mauer, with excellent athleticism, a sweet left-handed swing, good eye, and plus power. Defensively he is above average, in positioning, receiving the ball well, and having a good arm to boot.

Update... June 1, 2008

Skipworth has been amazing, improving his defense & solidifying his status as a top ten player in the draft.

In 118 PA's/94 AB's, .543 BA, 13 HR's, 47 RBI, 19 BB's, 17 K's, .627 OBP/ 1.117 SLG/ 1.744 OPS!!!

9. Gordon Beckham, College SS, Georgia, Age=21, 6' - 190. There's another Beckham in Georgia... Gordon is his name, and he's pushing his way into the limelight. The University of Georgia standout burst onto the scene last fall in the Cape Cod collegiate wood bat league, leading the league in HR's and playing a sound SS. He is compared occasionally to Khalil Greene, but Gordon should hit for a higher average while being a bit less of a defender than Greene.

Update... June 1, 2008; Gordon will be a cerain top 10 selection in the draft after a great junior year.

In 227 AB's> .392 BA, 24 HR's, 61 RBI, 45 BB's, 28 K's, 17/18 SB's, .504 OBP/.793 SLG/1.297 OPS

10. *Brett Wallace, College 1B/3B, Arizona St, Age=21, 6' 2 - 245. Wallace could always hit and has also always been an on-base machine, but it's the development of serious HR power that has most scouts convinced he'll be a very good pro.

After hitting a combined 16 HR's in his 1st two collegiate seasons Wallace has finally used his bulky frame to lift the ball with great results, tallying 20 this season. Wallace shifted to third this season and has been fairly adequate there, surprising many scouts, but seems relegated to 1B as a pro. He has a good eye, with a 42/31 BB-K ratio and while he ranks below Yonder Alonso in that department, he doesn't struggle nearly as much against lefties, which is why I've moved him past Alonso here.

Update... June 1, 2008;

In 224 AB's> .415 BA, 21 HR, 81 RBI, 44 BB's, 31 K's, .532 OBP/.768 SLG/1.300 OPS

11 . Shooter Hunt, College RHSP, 6' 3 -200, Tulane -- Having as good year, but walks a concern. Could be a solid #2 starter.

In 15 starts> 97 IP... 2.60 ERA, 56 Hits/53 BB's, 124 K's, and a .166 BAA!

12 . *Yonder Alonso, College 1B, 6' 2 -215, Miami (FL) -- Great hitter and on-base machine, but real concerns about his ability to hit lefties.

184 AB's> .375 BA, 21 HR's, 66 RBI, 69 BB's, 28 K's, 9-15 SB's, .542 OBP/.783 SLG/1.325 OPS

13 . *Christian Friedrich, College LHSP, 6' 3 -210, E. Kentucky -- He's been outstanding against inferior competition. Behind only Matusz among college lefties.

10 GS, 65.2 IP, 1.78 ERA, 32 hits, 24 BB's, 86 K's, .142 BAA (as of May 4th).

14 . #Aaron Hicks, H.S. RHSP/CF, 6' 2 -175, (CA) -- Scouts are split: Hitter or Pitcher? The righty's FB regularly hits the mid 90's and can hit 97, and has a nasty curveball. As a CF'er with blazing speed, good instincts and a rocket arm, Hicks can play mad defense... oh, he switch-hits as well. =P And while he can hit and run very well, can he hit with power?

64.1 IP, 1.09 ERA, 39 hits, 29 BB's, 104 K's // 130 PA's-90 AB's, .489-4-23, 36 BB's, 12 K's, 37/41 SB's

15 . Brett Lawrie, HS 3B/1B/LF, 6' -200, (Canada) -- The kid can flat out rake. Lawrie should hit as a pro, and very well at that, but his lack of a suitable position is a concern. LF or 1B may be his best bet, although some have suggested catcher... I don't see it. Regardless, his bat is his calling card, while employing above average speed to boot. Has already displayed his prowess by going 21-30 against pros from extended spring training, including doubles off of Luke Hochevar and Kyle Davies, as well as tagging 8 HR's in 5 games vs ML Dominican Summer squads. Lawrie is sky-rocketing up boards.

16 . Tim Melville, H.S. RHSP, 6' 5 -200, (MO) -- Coming into this season Melville ranked as the #1 HS hurler. After a subpar campaign scouts are a bit concerned. FB/Curve combo is very good, but he's in real danger of dropping below some of the other top HS arms.

47. IP> 3.00 ERA, 32 hits, 15 BB's, 72 K's

17 . Ethan Martin, H.S. RHSP, 6' 2 -195 (GA) -- Who knew? The highly touted third baseman has shocked the scouting community, and has vaulted into the top of the prep hurlers rankings, showcasing consistently outstanding stuff. 60 IP> 1.36 ERA, 122 K's/22 BB's // .528, 12 HR's, 27 RBI

18 . Andrew Cashner, College Closer, 6' 5-190, TCU -- The tall righty is likely the top closer in the draft, with truly nasty stuff. Upper 90's heat and nasty slider combo= wicked closer prospect. Walks need to come down.

50.1 IP, 9 saves, 1.79 ERA, 19 hits, 25 BB's, 75 K's, .119 BAA!

19 . Casey Kelly, H.S. SS/RHSP, 6' 3 -195, (FL) -- A great HS QB, he has a dual-sport commitment to Tennessee. Will sign only as a SS, although he is a great pitcher as well. Clubs are split, but he could be special. Had 4 hits recently in a Florida HS All-Star game.

93 AB's> .473, 5 HR's, 31 RBI, 11 SB's

20 . Gerrit Cole, H.S. RHSP, 6' 3 -200, (CA) -- The 17 year old is the hardest throwing prep hurler and could be a great pro, but only if he finds control of his power stuff and simply awful attitude. **A Scott Boras Client***

58 IP> 0.60 ERA, 23 hits, 16 BB's, 94 K's

21 . *Reese Havens, College SS/2B, 6' 1 -195, South Carolina -- Could play SS or 2B as a pro, profiling as a good hitter and average fielder. Won't run at all, which hurts, but should hit enough.

242 AB's, .360 BA, 16 HR's, 54 RBI, 56 BB's, 44 K's, 1/5 SB's, .485 OBP/.628 SLG/1.113 OPS.

22 . *Zach Collier, H.S. OF, 6' 2 -195, (CA) -- The athletic Collier is among the fastest risers in the draft. The 17 year old OF'er has impressed scouts with his all-around game. Average arm, good speed, serious potential at the plate from the left side. In 80 AB's> .450 BA, 7 HR's, 24 RBI, 12 SB's.

23 . Josh Fields, College Closer, 6' -180, Georgia -- Mid to upper 90's heat and a hard downer curveball have dominated college hitters, and with a bit more command Fields could be awfully good.

30.2 IP, 16 saves, 2.35 ERA, 12 hits, 18 BB's, 54 K's, 1.15 BAA!

24 . #Jemile Weeks, College 2B, 5' 10 -175, Miami -- The switch-hitting catalyst for the Hurricane offense has been very good again this year, adding a bit of power to his arsenal.

211 AB's> .365 BA, 11 HR, 55 RBI, 30 BB's, 36 K's, 19/20 SB's, .466 OBP/.721 SLG/1.187 OPS

25 . *Ike Davis, College 1B/OF, 6' 4 -215, Arizona State -- Finally showing the scouts what they've been waiting for. Big year, big power.

194 AB's, .394 BA, 16 HR's, 72 RBI, 29 BB's, 31 K's, 5/7 SB's, .460 OBP/.773 SLG/1.233 OPS

26 . *David Cooper, College 1B, 6' 1 -210, California -- Outstanding hitter, although scouts wish he were bigger it's no problem for me. He is not a good defender at 1B, but is relegated to 1B/DH.

220 AB's> .359 BA, 19 HR's, 55 RBI, 37 BB's, 35 K's, 0/1 SB's, .449 OBP/.682 SLG/1.131 OPS

27 . Jake Odorizzi, HS RHSP, 6' 3 -180, (IL) -- Sound mechanics and a FB that sits at 92-93, coupled with good movement and a potentially good slider have Odorizzi flying high as the draft approaches. His size and projection have scouts excited, although he doesn't have the secondary pitches other HS arms carry into the draft.

In 50 IP> 0.00 ERA, 13 hits, 4 BB's and 83 K's.

28 . *Conor Gillaspie, College 3B, 6' 1 -195, Wichita State -- Gillaspie can hit, he always has, the knock on him and fairly so is his ability or rather inability to hit for power. He won the Cape Cod League MVP this past year and is an average defender at third.

217 AB's> .429 BA, 10 HR's, 78 RBI, 36 BB's, 20 K's, 16-18 SB's, .510 OBP/.710 SLG/1.220 OPS

29 . Ross Seaton, HS RHSP, 6' 4 -200, (TX) -- Seaton has rocketed up draft boards this year after a jump in his FB from 88-89 to 91-93, touching 96. He is a polished starter with two quality curves and change coming from a great pitcher's body. May be as good a HS arm as any in the draft.

In 68 IP > 1.34 ERA, 40 hits, 7 BB's/110 K's!!

30 . *Jason Castro, College C, 6' 3 -215, Stanford -- The 20 year old had a solid junior campaign, alleviating health concerns, and his overall improvement in all areas has scouts looking at him as a potential 1st rounder.

239 AB's> .364 BA, 11 HR's, 58 RBI, 22 BB's, 35 K's, 4/4 SB's, .417 OBP/.586 SLG/1.003 OPS

31 . Ryan Perry, College Closer, 6' 4 -200, Arizona -- A mid-nineties FB (94-96) and occasional great slider had scouts excited over Perry as this season approached, but he failed miserably as a starter and now profiles better as a closer, with a FB that can touch 98 and that 'Brad Lidge'-like slider.

70 IP> 3.09 ERA, 56 hits, 17 BB's, 76 K's, .216 BAA

32 . *Brett DeVall, H.S. LHSP, 6' 3 -215, (FL) -- The lefty shows advanced poise and command of a good FB, projectable curve/slider, and tremendous change-up. Could be special with increased velocity.

86 IP> 0.41 ERA, 45 hits, 21 BB's, 140 K's.

33 . *Kyle Lobstein, H.S. LHSP, 6' 3 -200, (AZ) -- The lefty is very projectable, drawing Chuck Finley comps.

9 GS, 42.1 IP, 1.32 ERA, 36 hits, 11 BB's, 75 K's

34 . Alex Meyer, H.S. RHSP, 6' 7 -195, (IN) -- The tall righty has a very projectable skill-set and could be a 1st rounder. Financial demands and apparent attitude issues may drive Meyer down.

29.1 IP> 1.19 ERA, 20 BB's, 56 K's

35 . Tanner Scheppers, College RHSP, 6' 4 -195, Fresno State -- A top ten selection before a serious shoulder issue. His status is still in question. Perhaps the best 'stuff' in the draft when healthy.

In 70.2 IP, 2.93 ERA, 54 hits, 34 BB's, 109 K's

36 . *Mike Montgomery, H.S. LHSP, 6' 4 -180, (CA) -- Perhaps the most projectable lefty in the draft, MM features a lithe pitching frame which should fill out as he matures. He shows a 88-92 FB, touching 94 and a good curve and change. Some makeup questions.

In 51 IP> 1.36 ERA, 26 hits, 18 BB's, 76 K's

37 . Anthony Hewitt, H.S. SS/3B/CF, 6' 1 -195,(CT) -- Major helium. Superior physicality at 6' 1 - 190, man-strong, fast and hits the ball with real thunder in his bat. Raw at bat, but will go high (R1-R2). May not stick at short, but his 5-tool potential and athleticism will find a place to play.

In 16 games > 8 HR's, 19 RBIs, 9 SB's, .536/.594/1.196.

38 . *Dan Schlereth, College Reliever, 6' -210, Arizona -- The hard throwing lefty is another whose stock is soaring as the draft approaches. Round one? It's possible.

54.1 IP> 1.82 ERA, 30 hits, 20 BB's, 76 K's, .164 BAA

39 . *Allan Dykstra, College 1B, 6' 5 -240, Wake Forest -- Big & power-packed 1B'man has been pitched around all season.

186 AB's, .323 BA, 16 HR's, 50 RBI, 62 BB's, 45 K's, 7/8 SB's, .519 OBP/.645 SLG/1.164 OPS

40 . Zach Stewart, College Closer, 6' 1 -175, Texas Tech -- A low to mid nineties FB coupled with a sweet slider have the former starter featuring his best stuff as a closer. Inconsistent, but could be gone by early R2.

39 IP> 5.31 ERA, 44 hits, 19 BB's, 36 K's

41 . Tyler Ladendorf, JuCo SS, 6' -190, Howard (TX) -- The 20 year-old Juco star seems to have the total package as a bat and quality skills at SS. His somewhat funky swing worries scouts, but his JuCo numbers and power/speed skill-set are impressive. Can he stick at SS? That's up for debate, but 2B would be a good option if it's determined he can't.

168 AB's> .542 BA, 16 HR's, 82 RBI, 31 SB's

42 . *Robbie Ross, H.S. LHSP, 5' 11 -185 (KY) -- Ross is a bit on the smallish side, but big on stuff, out-dueling fellow highly rated lefties Brett DeVall and Nick Maronde. A low-nineties FB and two quality off-speed offerings thrown with polish and command mean that... Ross is a beast.

45 IP> 1.07 ERA, 22 hits, 6 BB's, 73 K's

43 . *Tim Murphy, College LHSP, UCLA -- The 6' 2 205 lefty is still learning to pitch, but offers an intriguing set of 4 pitches.

15 GS, 3 relief appearances, 102.1 IP, 3.34 ERA, 83 hits, 46 BB's, 111 K's, .227 BAA

44 . Bryan Price, College Closer, 6' 4 -210, Rice -- Another Texas-based college closer type, and another power FB. A low to mid nineties FB and occasionally sweet slider have put Price on the map, but his inconsistency and short track record raise concerns over his true potential.

44.1 IP> 3.65 ERA, 36 hits, 24 BB's, 50 K's, .224 BAA

45 . Daniel Webb, H.S. RHSP, 6' 3 -210, (KY) -- Among the power arms in the Kentucky draft ranks, Webb may have the best. Excellent FB but needs a more refined repertoire.

35 IP> 2.22 ERA, 18 hits, 21 BB's, 49 K's

46 . Zeke Spruill, H.S. RHSP, 6' 4 -185, (GA) -- The power armed Spruill jumped his FB up to 95 this year and could be very very good with continued development.

48 IP > 2.63 ERA, 61 K's/8 BB's

47 . Isaac Galloway, H.S. OF, 6' 2 -190, (CA) -- The toolsy Californian came into the season a near lock for the top half of round one, but his inability to hit a great FB has scouts highly worried. I personally see him as a late R2/early R3 risky pick.

78 AB's> .359 BA, 5 HR's, 16 RBI, 10 SB's

48 . *Dennis Raben, College OF, 6' 3 -220, Miami -- For me, Raben may be among the most overrated players in the draft. Others (more knowledgeable folks) see him as a strong lefty bat in a down year for college OF'ers... I see a guy with a history of having a strong bat, when he hits it (not as often as most good college hitters).

130 AB> .315 BA, 8 HR's, 40 RBI, 4 SB's

49 . Brett Hunter, College Closer, 6' 3 -205, Pepperdine -- The 20 year-old came into the season as a top Starter or Closer prospect, but an elbow injury and slight drop in velocity upon his return has scouts concerned over his value. Has touched 100mph as a reliever, but teams could go either way. Hunter could go very early if a team believes he can stay healthy.

14.2 IP> 3.68 ERA, 12 hits, 6 BB's, 14 K's, .226 BAA

50 . Chris Carpenter, College RHSP, 6' 4 -215, Kent State -- The surgically-rebuilt junior starter finally appears healthy... very. Carpenter sits at 92-95, touching 98, and couples his FB with a hard curve that can baffle batters. Command issues are common for guys that throw as hard as he does... CC is no different.

65.2 IP> 3.84 ERA, 49 hits, 27 BB's, 74 K's

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    • There's a lot to like in the minors but if this guy reaches his potential it'll have a huge impact.  
    • Burnes has two years of control left and he will have banked over $15 million dollars in his career by the end of year 1, so he may not be interested in forgoing his first trip into free agency to sign an extension with us. There is simply no way I am trading 6 years of Grayson for 2 years of Burnes, or virtually anyone else for that matter. He is the best pitching prospect in baseball and looks every bit the part of a future rotation anchor for the Orioles.  Cowser, OTOH, I can probably be talked into if other significant moves are going to be made in conjunction with such a trade, but I believe that Elias values 6 years of Cowser (plus the rest of the necessary trade package) higher than he would 2 years of Burnes. You are speaking with the benefit of hindsight and you are discounting just how abnormal (perhaps even unnatural, you might say) his performance was during that 4 year contract. Baseball players generally do not peak in their late 30s, especially injury-prone DH types. There was virtually no reason to expect that outcome and I am not going to criticize the Orioles for not accurately predicting a genuine black swan event.
    • I can see him move guys from the upper-level infield surplus. But I, too, am skeptical he'll trade any higher-level pitchers. Honestly, I doubt he trades much from the pipeline outside of what has proven to be a surplus at the higher-levels. Essentially, with Mateo, Urias, Ortiz, Norby, and Westburg, we have five players for 2 (maybe 3) spots. He'll obviously prefer to move Mateo and Urias as they're the older players, but I could see a couple of the Norby, Westburg, Ortiz (and we can throw Hernaiz in there, too). Given Henderson has arrived, there's some depth in the aforementioned group, plus guys like Holliday, Wagner, Bencosme, etc are just a couple years behind.  
    • I'm a little concerned about this too. As we've discussed before, there's a serious log jam on the horizon. Middle infield and potentially outfield. Gonna have to move some players. The trick of it I suppose, is knowing which ones to move. Elias should have the advantage of being more familiar with his own players than potential suitors would be... but that only gets you so far... you have to move highly regarded players before you get a chance to fully assess their MLB performance... or you run the risk of tipping your hand (exposing players as less or more capable at the MLB level) Elias has the luxury of having both MLB and MiLB resources he can move today... Say for examples Hays, or Mullins... or Mateo and Urias...   that though, only begins to clean up the impending logjam. If you wait too long, you're stuck with a bunch of players you HAVE to unload.. and then you get fleeced
    • Collecting HBP is largely a repeatable "skill."
    • The PFF grade is because they charged the receivers with 5 drops (Kenyan Drake and Duvernay both dropped screen passes that hit them on the chest, and the other 3 were Andrews, Oliver and Robinson.) It looks like they marked him for 3 throwaways too, so he was 21 for 29 in terms of adjusted completion.   I hard disagree on the jump balls, at least this game.  Both jump balls to Andrews and Oliver were more on the receivers, Andrews' ball especially.  That ball was exactly where it needed to be.  When you have a 6'5" superstar tight end that requires a defensive back in coverage, I think it's almost always the right play to throw it over the head of his defenders so no one else can catch it.  Andrews didn't have to reach for it, it just clanked off his fingers.  And I think Oliver's ball was like 2 inches higher than maybe he would have liked, but I'm not really calling that a miss anymore because Oliver slowed down for no reason, and he mistimed his jump.  He 100% should have caught that.
    • The greatest I ever saw at getting hit by pitches was Ernie Pantusso.  You could not miss him.
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