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O's vs Pirates Saturday night in Sarasota

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    • I’m curious, why is it now or never for Vavra at age 25? You note that Stewart has been hitting well at Norfolk lately, and he is 28 years of age with no real defensive value. I will counter that McKenna hit even better than Stewart in AAA, and he can actually play an above average OF. I think Stewart’s numbers are more a function that it is an even bigger gap between AAA and MLB than in years past.  I hope Stewart goes elsewhere and has some kind of major league career. He has had many opportunities with the Orioles with everyday play. He just did not make it here. In my opinion, he’s a step back in every way. There is a reason that no other team took him off waivers. 
    • 1 out of 3 today with a double and a walk.  His double was roped pretty good.   Defense behind the plate seems to be great, too.  No passed balls, etc.
    • Lol, Sports Guy running the warehouse?
    • I bet Rougie could have a .380 OBP if he laid off shoulder high fastballs.  If I were pitching to him, I wouldn't throw him anything else.
    • I neglected this thread last week so I’m doing two weeks in this post.    Week ending June 19 Norfolk (32-34) went 2-3 against Syracuse (25-40).  Next up: Lehigh Valley (36-30). Bowie (24-39) went 3-5 against Binghamton (24-40).  Next up: Erie (39-30). Aberdeen (43-20) went 5-2 against Jersey Shore (24-39).  Next up: Wilmington (32-30). Delmarva (20-42) went 1-5 against Salem (33-29).   Next up: Lynchburg (33-30). The FCL O’s (2-8)  were 0-5. DSL Black (3-8) were 2-3. DSL Orange (3-7) were 1-3. Week ending June 26 Norfolk (34-38) went 2-4 against Lehigh Valley (40-32).   Next up: Gwinnett (35-36). Bowie (27-42) went 3-3 against Erie (39-30).  Next up: Richmond (40-29). Aberdeen (45-24) went 2-4 against Wilmington (36-32).   Next up: Winston-Salem (36-33). Delmarva (22-46) went 2-4 against Lynchburg (37-32).   Next up: Fredericksburg (35-34). The FCL O’s (2-13) were 0-6. DSL Black (6-10) were 3-2. DSL Orange (5-10) were 2-3.    Pretty dismal two weeks for our MiL teams.  
    • Off another LHP. I think he’s getting the hang of it.
    • Just give me and Sportsguy 30 days running the warehouse... Lol, I agree Cease is extremely unlikely. Just an example that every player has a price (perhaps aside from Adley and Grayson) and a scenario where trading Hays could benefit us. Of course, the trick would be finding a willing partner with an abundance of pitching.
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