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Official 2024 Orioles Wins Poll


Official 2024 Orioles Wins Poll  

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  1. 1. How many games will the Orioles win in 2024?

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I kind of feel like the AL East won't be the juggernaut it was last year. I think we win it pretty easily, especially if we're able to make a big trade for pitching in July. I think only one other AL East team makes the playoffs. 

The Yankees will get hurt, the Jays will disappoint (Schneider gets fired), the Sox are in the basement, and Tampa gets the wild card just barely. 

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According to BBR, in 2023 the Os Pythagorean record was 94-68.

All our stalwarts are older and a wee bit more fragile.

We subtracted Frazier and added Nevin(Let Joy be unconfined!)

We added Burnes and subtracted Bradish/Means.

We added Kimbrel(a wee bit older) and several possible guys in the pen but none made the team, and subtracted The Mountain.

And ME apparently doesn’t want our rookies to win ROY.

So are we better? Meh. This is a new year, a new incarnation. Let’s roll.

Ill be happy if we win the Division, and I expect 91-95 wins, because the other teams in the div have as many troubles and less depth.

So we win!

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41 minutes ago, Spy Fox said:

96-66 and they win the division narrowly over the Jays.  

With respect, I feel pretty sure we won’t win narrowly over anyone. We have way too much depth.

Thats one of the advantages of having an entire MLB-ready team at AAA.

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