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MacPhail to release web video for fans tomorrow


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AM will announce that Terry Crowley is not really Terry Crowley but rather a body double whose real name is Dave.

He will announce that Terry has been locked this past year in the warehouse basement where he was working on the ball club's taxes and diverting money that was suppose to being spent for international scouting into a secret bank account. Terry had recently escaped through a hole in a wall that he had dug with a rock hammer. The hole had had concealed with a poster of Rita Hayworth and the hammer was later found in a book titled "The Baseball Bible Guide to Hitting."

AM now believes that after his escape Crowley cashed out the secret account that was suppose to being going to international scouting and now lives on a beach in Mexico fixing up an old boat while waiting for a good friend also named Dave to join him in retirement.

Methinks you watched too many movies this weekend. Even if they were good ones :clap3: :P

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I think MacPhail is going to announce his new strategy to improve the team.

He is going to enroll all Oriole players in Maharishi Central University, in New York, in an effort to promote total brain functioning, enlightenment, and full development of their mind, body and behavior. He believes that if it worked for The Beatles, it can work for the Orioles.

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I'm guessing it's to try to calm the masses/convince people to buy tickets.

It will definitely be a "stay the course," type video.

Unfortunately for Andy, I think many of us know that we are passengers on the Titanic already...

Have you ever seen the movie The Ten Commandments? You remind me of Lathan in that movie (

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He's gonna open up with an overview of his plan, apologize for a horrible start for the season, tell everyone to rest assured that the Orioles are doing everything they can and to stay the course.

Nice to see he isn't ducking and running.

I agree it'll probably be PR. But good PR, a nice gesture.

Or a demonstration of how to make a bomb out of Mentos and Diet Coke.

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Just win ballgames. I don't need you to tell me anything. As my mom always says " don't tell me, show me."

Ah the Mike Singletary quote. As a 49er fan I recognize it well:


Think we could get this in orange and black?

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All joking aside, I don't want to hear an apology from MacPhail.

I want to hear how we are going to fix it and I want him to commit to a deadline that we need to be competitive.

No more of this "the fans will determine when" crap. Set a date and go for it.

I also want him to commit to winning games and saying they are going to look at ramping up the talent at the ML level as soon as June or July regardless of our record. If the players are available that can help us now and in the future, we go get them.

The second half of this season needs to be one to build on, not one to forget by dumping the vets and tanking yet another season.

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