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3/2 vs. Phillies: O's - 6 Phillies - 5


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I'd rather have Reimold in AAA until an injury occurs. No point in starving them of at-bats just for the sake of having them in Baltimore.

Reimold should be able to play 3 - 4 times a week plus some pinch hitting opportunities;

1. Sit Vlad, move Scott to DH, Reimold in LF

2. Sit Scott, Reimold in LF

3. Sit Lee, Scott to 1b, Reimold in LF

4. Sit Markakis, Reimold in RF (probably every other week)

Given Lee, Scott & Vlad's age, I think a day off once a week will do all of them good.

Reimold doesn't have anything to prove at AAA in my opinion and his bat would help the O's win games if he's returned to 2009 form.

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Nolan does not need anymore time in Triple A. The guy needs to be in Baltimore now. Nolan would have been on the big league team all last year if it was not for his injury and personal issues he was dealing with.

The Orioles should play Nolan in LF, DH and First Base IMO. There is enough at bats for him if you do it right.

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Felix Pie just makes too many bone head plays to be counted on by the Orioles. His hitting skills are also not as good as Nolan's hitting skills. Just get rid of Pie and be done with all this drama. We should trade Pie to the Royals. I am sure they would love to have him.

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There is no competition between Pie and Remiold. Pie can play center, Reimold can't. Pie is out of options, Reimold isn't. Reimold's only shot to make the team is if they carry Fox as the backup catcher.

Or if Pie is traded. Then we could see both Reimold and Winn make the team.

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    • 23. Should have been more selective with my A’s 40 WAR. That got me 12.
    • That’s me, but I am not seeing “A” and “B” teams. For example, Wong and Maton started a home game yesterday.
    • Two developments yesterday that make the lineups interesting to follow. Gunnar came back, and Mullins got hurt. A couple of things to watch for with these lineups… 1. Who moves from the B squad to the CF spot on the A squad while Mullins is hurt?  McKenna and Cowser have been with the B squad to alternate in at CF starts.  2. With Gunnar back do we move Holliday to 2B on the A squad to start to build double play combo chemistry? It might be a week too early for that and young legs might keep making the bus trips away. 
    • Yesterday, 3/4, Kramer’s FB was consistently 93, fwiw. He threw a lot of breaking balls tho, I’d say fewer than  25% FB Akin was 96-97. O’Hearn had a nice throw in from RF to keep a runner on 3rd from attempting to score in the 1st, but then a rather weak-looking one later in the game that barely made it to the second baseman. 
    • Recently, ESPN wrote about 10 young players that scouts are buzzing about so far in spring training. They also included five more to watch. For the Orioles, that Top 10 player was pitcher Cole Irvin. The Orioles have some rotation issues, with an elbow injury to Kyle Bradish and a longer timeline to be ready for the season for John Means. So they have a couple of spots open. Irvin is a prime candidate to help. Irvin didn’t have a great year last season. He went 1-4 with a 4.42 ERA in 24 games, 12 of which which were starts. But he’s not the soft-throwing left-hander who joined the Orioles in 2019. His fastball once topped 90 mph. He reported to Orioles spring training with a 94 mph fastball. He even clocked one on the cusp of 96 mph. Why is that important? Velocity like that is something that few left-handers have, per ESPN. Last year only four threw harder than 96 mph in a game, and one was Cy Young winner Blake Snell. Scouts Buzzing Over O's Lefty in Spring Training (msn.com) Velocity as a LH starter seems to be an extremely rare thing, it will be a big deal if Irvin can maintain this once the season starts.
    • Here’s the video I got of a nice double play he made yesterday.  
    • Check out the Google doc here in this thread. @DirtyBird has kindly been keeping track. 
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